• March 25, 2011
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How many sales have slipped away? Does your company suffers because of few number of sales? What do you think is the problem ? Is it about the employees? Is there something wrong with the technical aspects? Or maybe the problem is in you, the owner. Here are some tips for you to improve the shrinking status of your call center.

A former agent and Manager named Mike Aoki, introduces a course (applicable for inbound call centers) to help the call centers in improving their standing and to be more competitive in this industry.
The course teaches the reader the aesthetics of “sales through service.” Always remember that if you show the so-called “customer care,” the customers will become more comfortable talking with you. Dont be afraid to have a small talk. Bear in mind that the way you communicate with your customer reflects to the customers view on the quality of your product.

To determine the needs of your customer, good questioning and listening skills is a must. Before having a conversation with your customer, think of some questions to ask. Listen carefully and be attentive. Be sure that you will not repeat asking same questions, that may irritate your customer.
You should make it a point that your customer will be satisfied (or even amazed) with the quality of your product. Use your communication skills and convincing power to make it possible. Use key “buying” phrases that maximize the likelihood of your customer to purchase your product.

When the customer question the quality of your product, try your best to show him the bright side of having this product on his own hands. Objection-handling techniques will surely gain you more sales.

If you envision that your customer is convince to buy your product, that does not mean you have to be comfortable. This one of the most critical parts of the sale because once you did a single mistake, the customer may change his mind and put down the phone. During this scene, you need to maximize your convincing power to ensure that your customer will buy your product. To close the sale, you should distinguish the buying signals of the customers.

Hope this tips could help you. Thank you for reading.


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