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  • June 18, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

With the world-wide telecommunication industry set to be around $1.2 trillion in 2006, helpdesk support outsourcing, is more important now than ever before. Insight Research has placed special emphasis on the importance of this, if the industry is to live up to expectations.

The next step in the communications industry is the wireless network. This is set to deal with 1.8 billion customers world-wide by 2006, and will encompass 55% of the whole market by 2010. So the more complicated it gets, the more the problems will be thrown it’s way. Helpdesk support outsourcing will have to rise to meet this challenge.

No one can doubt the phenomenal rise in call center outsourcing in the past few years. It has seen a revolution in business and has fuelled a social response, that some third world countries could only dream of. Now they can have quality jobs for a large amount of their workforce, and can look to the future for growth, like never before.

This is in part due to the massive leap in technology with 3G phones. Putting freedom of data in the hands of people, has enabled them to come to terms with a new frontier of communications. But the more access people have to data, the more help they will need.

Many large firms are now targeting the help-desk Industry as a special case. Special software and staff training in this area was once dealt with in-house. But the challenge is now so large that many feel they need to bring in specialist help. MyHelpDesk Inc. from Norwood, Massachusetts, and Redwood City in Austin Texas, are specialists in providing these diagnostic services. A service industry which is thought, to bring in $3 to $4bn a year.

These types of service industry will enable helpdesk support outsourcing, to solve technical problems, without the entire call center closing down. Companies such as International Data Corp. (IDC), at Framingham Massachusetts, has even enables staff to search for technical questions on-line. In many cases this type of software helps them run the call-center smoothly, and helps the customers with any enquiry. But in some cases the problems are too difficult, and no matter how skilled the operator on the call center help desk, they will need to talk to a human voice.

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