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  • March 8, 2011
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Definition-precautions in selecting the service provider-advantages and benefits.

Many businesses including small and internet businesses with limited manpower resort to help desk support outsourcing to ensure 24 X 7 servicing to its clientele. This is all the more relevant and necessary for businesses where the customer expects immediate attention and continuous service.

Help support outsourcing is immensely useful for large businesses as well, who can outsource the entire gamut of sales, service and other technical support. It saves the service buyer the high overhead expenses since they are committed only for a contracted amount to the service provider and also obviates the cumbersome procedures of pay rolls, taxes and other statutory personnel expenses and obligations.

The business of technical support outsourcing also saves the cost of various service equipments, their maintenance and other expenditure connected with the help desk service.

The ever-increasing competition among the various outsourcing companies in the third world countries in the recent past makes such contracts cheaper and cost effective.

The business of technical support outsourcing is not without its drawbacks. The first and the foremost problem that the company faces is the dissatisfaction of the customer should the service of the outsourcing company deteriorates below the bench mark level making the reputation of the service buyer at stake. It is in this context that the clause in the outsourcing agreement providing for the premature termination of the contract assumes significance.

The company that outsource the help desk support service needs also to ensure that the representatives of the outsourcing company are properly trained and the help desk staff in turn complies with the service expectation of the service buyer and the customer.

It is imperative that before the decision on the outsourcing of help desk support the company has to critically review and analyze the various factors of the service like the service expectation of the customer cost of service and obviously the cost of outsourcing. The company needs to evolve a well-structured and effective training system to ensure the continued customer satisfaction and service standard.

The system should also have a method to assess and monitor periodically the quality of service provided by the out sourcing company to obviate any leakage in the precious clientele pool. The company that follows the above few basic principles of outsourcing would no doubt find the concept of help desk support outsourcing more lucrative, time saving and also as a facilitator for extending undivided attention to the core areas of business.

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