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Frustrated with the performance of your current outbound call center? Globaly Sky has been successful in launching outbound telemarketing campaigns for years

Global Sky sets you free from the monotony of outgoing calls!

By hiring an experienced outbound call center, you have access to professionals who understand the importance of customer retention and a great experience.

Global Sky understands that outbound programs are challenging and place great demands on call center agents. Our trained staff is prepared to help your company grow.

Why choose to outsource to the Philippines? Our agents are carefully screened and selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. About 72% of the Filipino population speaks English as a second language and their society is heavily influenced by Western culture. Most of our agents have a college-level education, and are given further training in the art of sale negotiation and customer service.

Call center service is a serious profession in the Philippines, and our agents are paid well to perform their services in a professional and patient manner.

Our team of customer service agents know how to keep up with work demands. They also work hard to achieve overall success for outbound calling service campaign. Available 24/7 and ready. You can start your outbound telemarketing right away.

Do you have an eye out for an outbound call center that can:

How Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Helps Your Business Grow?

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How Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Helps Your Business Grow? GlobalSky’s outbound call center services help organizations to sell their products or reach out to new and existing customers with poise and professionalism. The company has been handling various direct marketing and outbound-related campaigns, with existing clients from various industries. These years of experience in the outbound call center industry is backed by its latest technology infrastructure, rigorous training sessions, quality assurance monitoring and a highly trained call center team. The result is increased sales and improved ROI using the best outbound call center strategies.

Why Choose Our Outbound Call Center Services?

Industries we Serve

Global Sky is at the forefront of supporting businesses worldwide

Industries we Serve

Global Sky is at the forefront of supporting businesses worldwide


We are up to the task of collection reminders, billing inquiries, or any other


Global Sky has been partners with several hospitals, supporting their medical appointments, medical inquiries


Increase your sales through telemarketing or strengthen your brand through retail and e-commerce customer


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With more than a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Global Sky is committed to supporting businesses in their call center and back-office needs through our world-class customer service, effective leadership, and thorough hiring process.

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