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Reliable, affordable, and flexible back office solutions for small to medium enterprises. Global Sky can handle any function that requires a phone or a computer

Committed to Bringing you Affordable yet Quality Service

Did you now? Global Sky handle many US clients during the night time in Manila, which leaves our daytime back-office space available at lower rates.

Shift your priorities to your core activities that need your attention. Outsource your back office operations and quickly gain access to infrastructures, technology, and professionals without the lengthy process of acquisition, leasing and hiring.

Global Sky features Email Handling and Copy Writing but we also handle other functions such as Payroll, Data Entry, Marketing and Public Relations and more

Why Choose Our Outbound Call Center Services?

Email Handling

Do you have voice or video files that need to be converted into text? Global Sky typists are adept at understanding English and can convert the spoken word into written text. Whether you require transcription, captioning or email handling – Global Sky representatives can assist you today.

Copy Writing

Global Sky has college-educated writing professionals to help you take your writing projects to the next level. With the rising expense of marketing, more responsibility falls on your copy to convert traffic into profitable sales. Effectively written copy can mean the difference between business failure or success.Employ highly skilled copy writers at an affordable price with Global Sky. Take the next step and invite us to contact you.

Industries we Serve

Global Sky is at the forefront of supporting businesses worldwide

Industries we Serve

Global Sky is at the forefront of supporting businesses worldwide


We are up to the task of collection reminders, billing inquiries, or any other


Global Sky has been partners with several hospitals, supporting their medical appointments, medical inquiries


Increase your sales through telemarketing or strengthen your brand through retail and e-commerce customer


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With more than a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Global Sky is committed to supporting businesses in their call center and back-office needs through our world-class customer service, effective leadership, and thorough hiring process.

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