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  • June 22, 2011
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By Chiena Bondoc

Having an “outsource with certainty” operation based on team experience, Global Sky, is one of the fastest growing call centers based in the Philippines.

Global Sky is an American owned and supervised call center that is based in the Philippines. But with so many great places to outsource, why was it based in the Philippines? This is mainly because of the many fluent English speakers here who mostly are college graduates and for having a westernized culture, which aid in a better understanding with American clients.

Having Filipino agents is one great thing about this company. Besides the ability to speak fluent English, they additionally are well-trained and hard working ones.

It has started in the later year of 2004. Too young, it seems but definitely the outsourcing industry is comparatively young and so you’ll naturally find other call centers that are of the same rank. However, the combined experience of the costumer service transition team is more than 30 great years.

The line they are using is the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This one is actually better than IPLC lines the company has used in the past. It has been said that it is changing the world of outsourcing rapidly. It has the ability of transmitting at less than 200 ms.

When it comes to the question in line quality, theirs should not be doubted for they won’t be in the business of call centers if they are not offering anything less than a quality line connection. With the ability of their VOIP, there’s surely no perceptible delay.

They offer inbound customer service as well as outbound customer service. But they do more primarily in the inbound customer service.

Furthermore, the company has experienced and skilled professionals who are on the look out to assist their clients on site and fulfill best practices in their offshore offices in the Philippines. Two of these people who lead the team are James Rick and James Powell.

James Rick is the CEO of Global Sky. He worked for five years as CEO for IT firm outsourcing development work to India and two years as CEO of Philippines Call Center outsourcing company.

James Powell has eight years of experience in call center outsourcing from vendor and client side, five years in Call Center management from US to the Middle East, two years as Call Center Consultant for centers outsourcing to Egypt.

This is the team of Global Sky. With all these things, they had proven to be really one of the best and fastest growing call centers in the country.

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