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  • June 21, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Outsourcing is the action taken by an organization to move a part of its internal processes to an outside entity or group to improve efficiency, quality, or reduce time to deliver services or products…

…and that is what Global Sky Inc. does.
Global Sky was established in the later part of 2004. It has been in the outsourcing business for over 30 years now in terms of the combined experiences of the customer service transition team. Here, we guarantee clients with an “outsource with certainty” operation at its best.

Quality Services:
Chiefly, Global Sky provides inbound customer service but we do outbound services as well, only that we are very selective about the outbound accounts we carry on. Mostly, we offer hybrid models such as a “base hourly plus performance” for outbound.

Quality Line and Equipments:
Global Sky uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It has changed the world of outsourcing promptly though it has been unheard of in its recent years. With the up-to-date advancement in the technology, VOIP is essentially better than some of the IPLC lines we have used before. Toll-quality lines (the calls you make from a traditional phone) transmit at less than 200 ms, and VOIP, likely, transmits at less than 200 ms as well- so there is no noticeable delay.

Global Sky uses top of the line equipments based mainly on VOIP technologies.

US, Australia and UK voice termination is setup for the most direct routing of calls to those receiving points. Quintum Gateways to convert digital signal into analog. Cisco switches to ensure optimum network performance.

Global Sky uses a $2 million state of the art PBX and a fully-loaded predictive dialer that only costs $2,000 per seat.

Global Sky is incorporated in Delaware and it has a US bank account for easy payments by wire transfer. It has US representatives as well for handling payments in the beginning. As soon as possible, it will have bank accounts and representatives set up in Australia and UK in order for these countries to make payments more conveniently.

Attrition Rates:
If it’s inbound, attrition rates at Global Sky are extremely low. But if it’s outbound, it’s not. If your program is very demanding with high expectations, still expect high attrition rates. Another thing to note, attrition rates are not nearly as high as they are in US, Canada, Australia and UK. # by Roy Jonathan del Rosario

About us and this blog

Among its partners, Global Sky is the company that specializes in offering call center services. This blog is a part of Global Sky's project to share quality information about the business process outsourcing industry. Information and news about the business world that could help companies, leaders, and, employees with their decisions. 

Outsource your Customer Service Operations!

Global Sky has been serving several companies for more than a decade now. Focus more on your core processes and outsource the other parts of your business. 

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