Filipino Call Center Agents’ Edge:

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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Attitude…a small word that makes a big difference

Filipinos are more devoted in satisfying customers – this was a statement made by Jon Kaplan, who is an American information technology specialist who also stressed that Philippines is a big option for an outsourcing destination of transnational companies engaged in the contact center business. Philippines has once again been tagged as one of the favorite offshore destinations of foreign investors in the outsourcing business because of the workers’ positive working habits which include being hard working and hospitable. it was an edge over other asian countries notably India.

Though India is said to have the lowest among all asian nations in terms of employment cost, the Philippines is stil being chosen because of the fact that Filipinos are better in satisfying customer needs aside from having the highest English proficiency rate in Asia and needless to say, having a close affinity with the western language. According to some experts, it is really not just the cost that matters but also communication expertise and attitude towards work of the agents as well. In the States, call center agents there treat their job as more than it while here in the Philippines, it is treated with more time annd effort. With this, it is predicted that the call center industry will generatte as much as 75 to 100 percent growth every year which would outdo India’s 50 percent inflation every year. However, The Philippine call center industry still have to be close acquainted with the American laws regulating the function af contact centers to be able to constantly practice quality in serving the customers and observe high standards and to advance programs guide the agents efficiently on career paths to boost the growth of the company. With these, more jobseekers especially college graduates will be benefitted by this inflation for the necessity for more contact center agents in the Philippines. It was cited by president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that the extraordinary growth of the industry of the contact center and also the business process outsourcing is a huge factor in achieving the goal of the government to provide thousands or millions of jobs to throng of unemployed Filipinos.

Though, the president cited as well that these prospective job seeekers in the call center industry must strongly possess such abilities and attitude a call center agent must have including: the capability to speak the English language very well and the ability to communicate or deal with different kinds of people especially foreigners considering transnational culture while in the business process outsourcing must be efficient in accounting and short-hand for transcription purposes. In the past, there were only about 2,000 workers in the call center and business process outsourcing. But with the advancements made from the infrastructure, the call center and business process outsourcing grew to an escalating 50,000 agents and being doubled every year. The president also noted that there is a powerful confidence of transnational investors in the local business climate because her administration has strong pact with the other nations particularly the United States. With this, it is evident that hardwork and admirable attitude is a key to opening the gate for success and Filipinos do possess good working ATTITUDE- a small word, that makes a big difference.


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