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  • September 21, 2011
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Don’t Get Submerged in a Flood of E-mails

When a company uses CRM software, then it can send its customers multiple emails. But what if the company sends out many different surveys? How then does that company handle all of the survey responses? Does the company need to hire a whole new set of employees just to read the survey results? And who is going to send a reply that acknowledges each completed and returned survey?

The answer to the above questions comes in the form of e-mail processing. The answer is no; a company must obtain a system that directs the processing of customer e-mails. In that way the company is guaranteed a complete look at the customer responses.

While e-mail processing sorts through all of the responses to surveys, it can also deliver benefits to organizations that have never even sent a survey, organizations that do not sell a book, a piece of clothing, an appliance, a piece of furniture, or a technological device. E-mail processing can facilitate the operation of any business or organization that sends out a regular newsletter.

When an organization or business offers to e-mail a regular newsletter, then that organization hopes to include within the information contained in that newsletter facts that will lead readers to expand their use of the organization’s services. Perhaps, if the newsletters come from a non-profit agency, the regular newsletters might entice readers to contribute to that organization.

Newsletters can also serve as a way to increase the public knowledge of an organization. Some newsletter editors encourage their readers to mention the editor’s work in reply to inquiries by writer’s groups (most notably by the magazine Writer’s Digest). The sending-out of such newsletters requires e-mail processing. When such newsletters encourage use of the Internet in order to reply to inquiries, then those newsletters have the ability to increase further the demand for e-mail processing.

Of course e-mail processing fails to deliver an assurance of quality in a newsletter. E-mail processing does, however, improve the efficiency of any newsletter’s online distribution.

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