What Makes Good Customer Service for the E-commerce Industry

E-commerce Customer Support Services

E-commerce Customer Support Services

Customers have the inherent control over how your brand would look like to others. They are aware that they can share comments and reviews across different social media platforms. With each status update or a single tweet, a customer can reach thousands of people worldwide. And it takes only one negative review from an unhappy customer to destroy your reputation and brand image. Whether your brand gets recognition or resentment, it lies within their hands. With that in mind, you must give your customers excellent customer service possible. The core of your e-commerce business strategy must be your customer’s satisfaction. By providing them a good experience, you create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

As technology continues to develop, so does marketing practices and strategies. Today, many expect that e-commerce customer support services deliver the best quality or entail the risk of losing customers from their competitors. Start-ups must understand what e-commerce customer service is and what makes it a good one.


What is an E-commerce Customer Service?

Simply put, e-commerce customer service is about giving customers a top-notch experience as they visit your e-commerce site or shop in your online store. Small and large businesses alike must invest in customer support services to connect with customers through a link via call center or social media platforms.

In the competitive world of e-commerce, retailers invest in customer service strategies to make their brand stand out from the rest and be different in the industry. These customer strategies vary from omnichannel support and personalized shopping experience. The different strategies’ ultimate goal is to provide their customers with the best experience granting them better conversion rates and higher customer lifetime value.



Speedy delivery is a crucial point that e-commerce businesses have to take into account. The delivery time influences the customer’s decision and whether or not they want to make the purchase. Online shoppers are typically satisfied with a delivery period between two to six or seven days, but same-day delivery appeals to customers the most. This factor will only continue to gain ground as working from home becomes the new normal.



Many will agree that speed is what makes e-commerce advantageous over businesses with brick-and-mortar stores. But from a retailer’s point of view, how do you measure and improve speed? There are a few ways to estimate speed, and one common method is the average time of the first response. The first response is the length of time the customer has to wait for you to answer their concerns to the time you submitted your first response. By tracking the average, you will be able to know the nuances and improve your timely response.


Free returns create an impact on customer conversion. According to the BigCommerce survey, “62% of online shoppers say they would switch online retailers to access free returns.”



As brands in the e-commerce industry keep one-upping one another, online merchants must provide customers an access to different payment options to continue to grow sales and stay in the game. Buy-now-pay-later options make up at least 14% of online transactions, although it can vary with different age groups. Having an online presence is not just enough. Customers are engaging with other brands across various platforms – and they expect a more personalized and seamless shopping experience throughout the journey.



Thanks to the innovation of eWallets, the popularity of in-store mobile payments are increasing as well. Retailers must cater to their customers with discounts, special offers, single-tap payment options, or even launching branded mobile wallets.

Mobile shopping makes online shopping smooth and hassle-free. It is becoming famous for there are no physical and emotional barriers that gets in the way, such as paid parking, checkout queues, poor in-store, and assistance. Mobile usage is taking over desktop shopping. Smartphones have outperformed PCs and desktops in the competition of e-commerce shopping. According to PwC, 24% of online purchases were made via mobile devices, compared with 23% done via PC and 16% via tablet.


Customer Support is an Advantage

Many merchants feel that customer support is a chore tied to the cost of keeping the business; often, they see it as another extreme obligation to deliver outstanding customer support. However, customer support is strategic, a competitive advantage, and a revenue driver. E-commerce customer support services do not disregard the human-to-human interaction. Irrespective of the need for measurement, operational efficiency, and strategies – excellent customer service will create a genuine connection with its customers.



What impacts the success of an e-commerce business will always be the quality of an e-commerce customer service. It is vital to follow a coherent strategy to ensure customers have a positive shopping experience with your brand. Competitive customer support impacts a business by creating a direct relationship with your market through the efficiency of ‘word of mouth’ and, most of all improves brand awareness, which creates more traffic that will help generate more sales. A creative e-commerce customer service approach can enhance and sustain the experience you give your consumers to earn you a good brand reputation.


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