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Transitioning from the typical brick and mortar store to e-commerce is something businesses are considering lately. As brick and mortar stores struggle to survive due to lockdowns and the public’s desire to stay indoors and avoid exposure to Covid-19, shifting from brick and mortar to tap and swipe has never been this pressing. It makes more sense for small and medium businesses to convert to an e-commerce operations given the rise of e-commerce shopping in the midst of the pandemic.


Why Shift to E-commerce Business? 

Traditional businesses have physical locations and stores where customers can drop by and check out products and services in person. On the other hand, e-commerce businesses host the majority of the productions online. Between these two options, it is more likely that customers will patronize e-commerce considering they want to shop wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. However, they cannot touch the product unless they bought it and are brought to their doorstep.

Selling to a broader geographic area is probably the winning perk for e-commerce stores over the physical retailers. E-commerce has a wider reach and can sell to different cities, regions, countries, and can even transcend: around the world. Another advantage of shifting to e-commerce is customers find online shopping more convenient. For customers who wish to save their time covering grounds in malls when in-person shopping, e-commerce is indeed the perfect solution.


Choose the Most Suitable Platform for Your Brand

No business can operate online and remain functional without the use of an e-commerce platform. Whether you’re selling through social media or building your site, a platform is valuable to the progress of your brand. To put it simply, the backbone of any online enterprise is an e-commerce platform. Which is why choosing the most suitable platform for your brand is essential because this serves as a vehicle that can drive you to your employees, customers, and clients.

E-commerce platforms can be software applications that help businesses perform technical functions, such as mobile commerce, web design, inventory management, and CRM. It is essential to go beyond the stereotype of e-commerce businesses. Contrary to what most people imagine and think of e-commerce, it is far more complicated than merely putting products on the internet. Like running a brick and mortar store, it requires the same effort of strategic planning to create and run a fully functional e-commerce business.


Discover Your Brand

Coming up with a brand is an experience. It comprises of customer participation and emotions. And with these components, your e-commerce customer support services, web presence, communications, and product quality encompasses the holistic wholeness of your brand. Branding speaks through your customer emails, product listings, and shopping cart checkout page.

To build an e-commerce brand that competes, you will need to develop your branding strategy that connects with your customers emotionally, showing your customers what your e-commerce business is all about and, ultimately, how you can serve them. A branding strategy emphasizes factors such as visual presentations from your targets’ perspective and, most importantly, an excellent e-commerce customer support services. Altogether, these elements will leave a good impression that transforms the sales from potential buyers to revenues.


How Will You Sell Your Products and Services Online?

It is a challenge to figure out ways how to sell products and services online effectively. In brick and mortar stores, they can sell various products as much as their store can handle. But, for e-commerce businesses, the case might be quite different. For starters, you may offer selected products to sell – mainly your best sellers. Each product will have its page that allows shoppers to add products from the page to their carts directly.

Another thing to consider is, what’s in it for you if you are more of a service provider in the e-commerce realm? Find a way to turn your service into a productized version to create a new revenue stream, especially during this global health crisis, and most physical resources are cut off.

Building an E-commerce Customer Service Team

Your e-commerce site is not just competing with other brands in your niche. At one point, your customers have close their browser windows from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other websites. If you fail to build excellent e-commerce customer support services, you will have a hard time converting the customer’s interests into revenue.

Needless to say, to establish a professional e-commerce brand, you must provide a channel for your shoppers directly to customer support. Be it email marketing, Twitter handle, social media management, or live chat, all of these functions can do the job. Ensure that you can explain to your customers when you can give your full assistance and assure that you respond to their queries on time.

Every e-commerce owner’s responsibility is to solve and reduce customer’s issues and uncertainties and establish trust between both parties. That is one of the ways you can convince shoppers to make another purchase on top of the first one. An excellent customer experience can urge a one-time shopper into a loyal customer, paving the way for a dependable and consistent relationship with your brand.



Establishing an e-commerce store can be challenging. It may take months to see improvements, but it doesn’t take that much time to successfully transition your brick and mortar store into an e-commerce business. The advantages of e-commerce business being available 24/7; your loyal customers can make purchases whenever they want and bring in potential customers who have failed to discover your physical store.

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