5 Thank You Email Examples for E-commerce Stores

E-commerce Customer Support Services

E-commerce Customer Support Services

The link that connects the e-commerce business owners and its customers are their relationships. An integral gesture that creates and builds a personal relationship with your customer is by expressing gratitude. They are likely to return to you and purchase from your store again when they feel valued. Letting them know that you care about their satisfaction and experience with your services makes them appreciate you and your brand more. In traditional businesses, the staff says thank you to customers once they pay for a product and walk out of the store, but if you are an e-commerce business, you have to be a little more creative.

E-mail marketing is more than just for promoting services and products; it is also an effective channel where you can engage with prospects or even and show your appreciation to customers that support your work. E-mail subscribers are your potential customers; you can convert their subscription into sales by interacting with them from time to time. As for your old customers, pitch new products, promote offers, or jog their memory and remind them that they have once or twice transacted with you to get them shopping back to your store.

In this article, we’ll get into the most authentic “thank you” e-mail examples and strategies done by other brands that you can also use for your e-commerce customer support services:



It would be a mistake to assume that the transaction ends as soon as the customer receives your product. Once your product’s shipment is in transit, inform the customer through an e-mail and follow-up to see how they are doing. You can take that opportunity to thank your customers, and if you continue to do that, you can develop a relationship with them in the long run.

Massdrop follow-up through e-mails and ask their customers to rate their services and products. You can also use a similar strategy to get feedback from your customers and see which part of your e-commerce business needs improvement. Or giving the customers the contact details for your e-commerce support services. This strategy can be helpful to provide them with more information regarding your other products.



Satisfied customers are the ambassadors of your product; they can do you a huge favor whenever they recommend your brand to their friends, families, and especially on social media. If you are not maximizing the method of referral marketing, then you are missing out. You can set up a referral program for your customers to get them to create recommendation posts for your brand. Like Athleta, they offer 20% off on selected items to customers who refer their products to someone to thank them for their effort. This kind of engagement keeps your customer motivated to keep endorsing your product.



Celebrating your customer’s milestone is another type of content that you can include in your marketing e-mail. You can do it in a few ways; by sending them a quick thanks for purchasing a specific item or spending a certain amount. L’Occitane thanks its customers by sending an e-mail which celebrates a membership anniversary. This thoughtful act alone can build a personal connection with customers, making them feel that their purchases count. L’Occitane also offers incentives to its subscribers to remind them that they once purchased their product or services. When an e-commerce business offers incentives, you tempt your customers to make another purchase when they’re in the mood for shopping.



One ideal way to confirm your customer’s e-mail subscription is by sending them a welcome e-mail. Your customers commit as soon as they subscribe to your e-mail list. So, it is essential to acknowledge their participation by taking the initiative to give them a creative thank you message.

Huckberry welcomes their new subscribers elaborately and creatively, with a less sales-y talk. This strategy gives its customers the impression of a personal and authentic way of showing gratitude.



Often, the perfect reason to say thank you to your customers is “just because.” Glossier thanks their customers by randomly sending them short gratitude notes – no product recommendations, no sales talk, no hidden agendas. A small deed like that makes customers recognize their role and worth for being a part of the brand’s growth and doing business with them. This example can make their customers feel that they are still a part of their business regardless of not purchasing a product or no longer participating with their incentives.

Timing is everything when sending thank you e-mails to your customers. The last thing you want your customers to feel is an annoyance. You wouldn’t want them to think that you may have been way too assertive to push them into making another purchase. So, it is crucial to know the balance between sending a few e-mails and sending them way too much. Ideas mentioned above demonstrate creative gratitude that you can also do for your customers. An excellent e-commerce support services can create a loyal and engaged customer base for your brand, enough to be recommended offline and online.

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