6 Marketing Tools to Help Build Your E-commerce Site

E-commerce Customer Support Services

E-commerce Customer Support Services

Marketing tools serve as the linchpin that helps bind your e-commerce businesses together and prepares them to compete and grow on a larger scale. However, the number of tools available in the market today is a little too overwhelming to the point that you don’t know which ones to incorporate, from tools intended for e-commerce customer support services and online visibility to marketing automation tools. Undoubtedly, choosing the right tool for your e-commerce site before the launch is a challenging process.

Before you drop any coins and try every marketing tool that you could get your hands on, research for platforms that are worth your time and investment first. The right marketing tools, combined with a good marketing strategy, can indeed develop your e-commerce business. The list below is a compilation of e-commerce marketing tools that you can choose from, especially for those that are still trying to sort things out:


Acquire Live chat

E-commerce customer support services are of paramount importance for the growth of the business. It is the sector where a company connects with shoppers to determine whether the product or services are worth the recommendation. When it comes to customer service, e-commerce sites may face certain limitations, thereby adding more challenges for business owners.

Acquire has developed a Live Chat tool that gives e-commerce business access to communicate with its customers directly. Whether your customers need technical assistance or finding products, Live Chat Software has got it cover for you. This tool offers a wide array of useful services, ranging from live product demonstration, screen-sharing option to guide customers through the process, and Live Text Chat. This makes the perfect tool to interact with customers face to face for Live Video Assistance or just a regular inquiry conversation.



Metrilo is a tool that provides real-time order updates, making it possible to calculate revenues accurately. Also, merchants are free to use specific order statuses like “delivered,” pending,” and “on hold” to monitor purchases. A couple of its best features are automated contact management and behavior tracking, allowing merchants to use overall development and sales data. Personalized communications are available to build relationships with loyal and potential customers and website visitors.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most trusted digital analytics software. Google’s free web analytics service gives you the ability to do an in-depth analysis of the information drawn from the customers that visit your website.

Google Analytics is a favored digital analytics software, making it a trusted e-commerce tool for the site to track most of their data. The way it works is, Google Analytics lets you collate data and oversee which traffic sources have been significant and profitable—granting merchants to facilitate their ROI marketing easily. With this being said, this strategy enables you to work out your marketing ROI efficiently. Google Analytics provides insights that ultimately help your e-commerce site shape its success. This marketing tool includes features that could monitor transactions, conversion rate, total revenues, day-to-day transactions, commerce visits, and many more.


ProProfs Help Desk

In the e-commerce industry, repeat customers are the primary contributor to your success. Therefore, merchants must keep their customers happy and satisfied. It can put your brand in a bad light in the long run if your e-commerce customer support services team fails to respond to each of their concerns. Inquiries come in the form of pricing requests, product feature requests, etc. So if any of your customers have questions and want to resolve pressing issues, get to it right away. ProProfs as a tool will help your team deal with the increasing number of inquiries you’ll face daily, which works extensively to keep track of your valuable customer emails.


Moz Pro

Moz Pro presents online visibility and brand awareness of e-commerce sites. It helps merchants collect data such as site’s rankings, page optimization, site crawl, and Link Metrics. These features will assist you in implementing your SEO strategies on your e-commerce site. Furthermore, Moz Pro gets you to correct and find errors that affect the visitor’s experience on the website. The most impressive thing about Moz Pro is, it is for free. If investing in SEO tools isn’t something you want to consider, you might want to think again. This tool can effectively manage your site with the services they have, which displays the industry standard.



SpyFu is another marketing tool that is ideal for competitive research. It is one of the best tools used for SEO strategies that cater to excellent reporting and advertising support. As an e-commerce merchant, you must identify your competitor’s rank details and keyword-use to fully understand how SpyFu can help you. From related keywords, rating history, keyword competitor tool, etc. Indeed, SpyFu can assist your site rankings



Without customers, your e-commerce site is nothing but a costly dream. Without marketing, potential customers will never have the chance to know you exist. In general, e-commerce marketing tools prove that through this, your business achieves its goals, competes in the industry, creates a professional site, and engages and converts customers to revenues. Ensure to research and plan carefully, choose platforms that will work for your brand on a long-term basis, and invest where it counts.


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