5 E-commerce Platforms That Are Helping SMEs Grow Their Businesses

E-commerce Call Center Outsourcing

E-commerce Call Center Outsourcing

Covid-19 has caused a significant economic shock in the Philippines, affecting a network of over 4.6 million small and medium enterprises (SME) just from March to April due to the phases of lockdown implemented to curb the pandemic. Despite the economic downfall, e-commerce has managed to rise, stealing the spotlight unlike ever before. The new normal has forced almost everyone to go digital, but for these enterprises to expand their market, they must explore platforms to catch up and improve their sales. These platforms will secure high revenues, help increase data reliance, and improve marketing and operational efficiency.

If you want your e-commerce business to take off, you need to have the ability to process different kinds of transactions. From payment transactions to customer service, investing in e-commerce platforms is one decision you’ll have to make. As SME’s begins to transition towards digitalization to boost sales and reach greater heights, e-commerce call center outsourcing is involved in the success of brands meeting the customer’s demands while also helping businesses expand.

Here are a few of the most effective e-commerce platforms SME’s use to grow their businesses:


1) Shopify

If you are looking for a platform concentrated with networks of online shoppers and stores, Shopify is the first platform that you should consider. There are millions of Shopify stores online, and it comes as no surprise because setting it up takes only a few clicks, keystrokes, and just like that you’re already good to go. Many hail Shopify as one of the best e-commerce website builders for SMEs.

You don’t need to have the coding skills to build a store. Many brands prefer Shopify because of the user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. You can immediately kickoff your business without even learning the necessary skills of coding and design. PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay are inbuilt payment services that you can use for Shopify transactions. You can also accept direct payments via credit cards through Shopify payment, and this will make the transaction easier for your customers.


2) Selz

Selz is an e-commerce platform where you can sell your digital and physical products or services. This e-commerce platform can deliver outstanding results, which is an unexpected perk considering that it is very affordable. This platform offers both standard and pro plans. The standard method is perfect for those that are still new to the e-commerce business. With Selz, you have the freedom to choose different themes and set up sessions that will help you build your site without codes. Selz is the ideal platform if you are looking for an affordable website builder that is fast and convenient to use.


3) BigCommerce 

BigCommerce is another platform perfect for SME’s. It has an extensive set of e-commerce tools that you can utilize to build your site. It also provides a wide array of free templates. BigCommerce has a remarkable feature that gives other platforms a good run for their money. And that is the option to connect your social media accounts and continue doing your business using those platforms. In terms of payment options, BigCommerce also has leverage. If you believe it or not, this platform allows 60+ different payment gateways. This flexibility will not only increase the platform’s accessibility in a broad market spectrum, but it will also attract consumers.


4) WixEcommerce

WixEcommerce is another excellent choice if you have a small product selection. This platform includes over 50 unique designs that you can choose from without having to deal with codes. The mechanics in creating your website is simple. Just drag and drop; it means you can add and remove features that you think best fit your preferences. One advantage of WixCommerce is the built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools that can elevate your rank.


5) WooCommerce

WooCommerce is also very useful, accessible, and lets you create a website with ease, which is ideal for e-commerce, just like the other previously mentioned platforms. In this platform, you can add a few e-commerce functionalities that can give people access to your products and purchase them.

Most businesses use WordPress to host their blogs, and it is a perfect tool for small businesses to double-up their e-commerce website. You can use WooCommerce as a plug-in to create a functional website. WooCommerce, as a plug-in to WordPress, is used by many small businesses in some capacity.

The moment you invest WooCommerce as a plug-in for WordPress, you will be in the company of developers that will carefully walk you through the process of creating the website for your e-commerce business.

The first critical step is choosing an e-commerce platform that works for you. Your business can go a long way by investing in these platforms; they serve as the backbone, which holds up your business and can propel you to success. They may not give your business the professional aesthetic look, but it enables your growth. No company, big or small, should undermine the full capacity of e-commerce outsourcing.



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