5 Strategies for e-Commerce Customer Service

e-commerce customer service
e-commerce customer service

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company”, as Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh says. In this day and age, customer service has become the fundamental area of focus for many large companies, including e-commerce corporations. Which has brought several businesses into a degree of rivalry, where competing against each other based on the quality of services rendered and costs has just gotten to the next level. What stays at this point is customer service, and in this age — it matters most. 

E-commerce is developing and providing an excellent opportunity for new ideas and startups. Many are taking advantage of the free market, but many are clueless about how to give incredible customer service. 

The fundamental target for any e-commerce business is to establish an environment where customers are guaranteed honesty and quality in all exchanges, especially the security in providing information and in making purchases online. These are the basic rules, but what else is there for e-commerce businesses to keep in mind and practice to stay competitive in the market? 

Here are five best practices for effective e-commerce customer service support. 


Develop Your Own e-Commerce Customer Service Group

The face of your e-commerce business is your customer service call center team. Communicating with the customer will build a relationship, and the behavior of that customer service team reflects your whole brand. This team will bring the most influence on acquiring and keeping your customers loyal to you. 

Here are two points you need to develop to produce an outstanding customer service team:


Every aspect of your business must be understood correctly, so it is important that you train your customer service team. This will enable them to be flexible on how to deal with different types of people giving your consumers a good customer experience.


There are many software tools available to make customer service more efficient. Tools such as Customer Relationship Management and Help Desk Software acts as a centralized hub for customer support. Through these tools, questions and complaints are managed easily. They can do things like categorize requests and forward them to the person assigned. 

When your customer service support team is well trained, and your e-commerce business is equipped with the right tools, you will surely deliver the best customer service experience.

Improve Response Time

What makes e-commerce ahead of the game is the convenience and accessibility that it can provide. Everything is found online, and purchasing is just a click away.

This efficiency relates to customers asking for a quick response to their concerns and questions. The benefit of online shopping is defeated if customers have to wait for their questions to be answered in a long period. Weak customer support is considered one of the biggest frustrations of online shoppers.  

Deliver Customer Service Directly to the Customers

In connection with the key practice mentioned above, the best customer service shouldn’t rely on a single channel only. It is crucial to use different platforms to connect and develop relationships with your consumers. These can be practiced on Twitter, Facebook, or other different platforms. Both email and telephone are channels that should be used and maximized besides social media.

When e-commerce customer service channels have begun operating, it is important that your consumers are aware of the available options. If your e-commerce business is able to give an excellent customer service across all channels, you will have a tremendous improvement to both your online presence and customer relations.

When e-commerce customer service channels are ready, ensure that your customers are aware of which channels they could access for customer support. Online presence and customer relations will improve as soon as quality customer service is established.

Collect Feedback Regularly

Collect feedback regularly will help you scale your e-commerce business. Monitor your services through your customer’s feedback. Are they satisfied with your product/services? In which aspect does your business need improvement? This will give your e-commerce business a room to develop. Conducting surveys are accessible these days. Tools are available online. 

Help Your Customers Help Yourself

Not all clients are used to ask for help in emails or live chats. Sometimes they prefer to find a quick answer by themselves. You can help them by creating a help center with educational articles and videos. As you know, video marketing is a new trend in the coming years. Explainer videos are good for a start. Give valuable information to your customer – something effective and impactful, that will make them stay.

Some customers prefer reaching out through emails or live chats. Others prefer to find answers on their own. You can assist them by creating a help center with easy to understand and detailed answers. You can also use educational articles or videos to make it easy for these kinds of customers. FAQ pages should be clear and accurate.

E-commerce business needs to think like a shopper. Visualize ideas to identify what will make your brand inviting and what make customers happy and satisfied. Always make sure to make your e-commerce customer service support team friendly and pleasant, great stock products and you will offer a great customer experience.


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