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By Steven Lambert

With the growth of Outsourced Call centers, the range of services has grown with it.

Now a small company can have all the services at its fingertips that would once only have been available to a multinational. All the facilities of product support, telemarketing and customer care can now be outsourced to a third party to act on behalf of the small firm, towards the customer.

Also the company can have its own services taken care of. The “In House” services can drag a company down if the overheads are too big. All the aspects of accountancy such as Payroll, Invoices, banking, and Invoices can be handled by an Outsourced Company who can handle Customized Logistics & Financial Support.
These Outsourced Companies can adopt the same standards of accountancy applications used in the host country. TassBooks, Quicken, Sage and Excel are already well known in India, Eastern Europe and the Philippines.

But many small firms can now go further than that. ASP or Application Service Provision is a type of web design that enables small businesses to do so much more. By only paying a monthly rental fee, a firm can only buy in the software when they need it. This sets many companies free to compete in a lean commercial world.

The problems of security and transfer speeds have now been overcome. This has been carried out with the use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). US companies spend Billions each year trying to maintain their financial systems, and this cost has to be passed onto the customer. So it makes sense to use Outsourced experts, that have the same level of education and training to meet the standards in their Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The joy of an ASP system, means that the customer can get a result on-line instantly. Giving them the impression that there is someone sitting on the other end of the line, taking an interest in their affairs. If they have a query, which cannot be solved with the Frequently Asked Questions page, then the ASP system can channel them through the network. Everyone is seen and every call is taken. Response to customers is one of the greatest challenges facing e-commerce in the future.

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