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  • June 25, 2011
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Do Not Make Your Employees Suffer from Uncertainty

Although the following story is about a benefit that has only recently been offered to businesses, it focuses on an event that took place well before that benefit had been made available. The story serves to contrast what exists today with what needs arose before anybody gave much thought to easing the concerns of the average worker. It highlights the beauty of the software that has now come on the market.

Customized logistics and financial support is software that provides a company with supply chain management. In order to appreciate the beauty of customized logistics, i.e. supply chain management, one must endeavor to get a close view of the worries that can face the workers in business, especially a business where the production of goods can not proceed without the supply of certain necessary items.

As an example of the need for customized logistics and financial support, this article will spotlight the business of making diagnostic kits. Such kits require protein from live cells. Hence cells need to be grown at any company that makes diagnostic kits. In the 21st Century cell culture requires sterile containers–commonly plastic flasks.

Now in the late 1990s a research associate at one California biotechnology firm, a firm that made diagnostic kits, had just ordered six cases of Costar flasks. She was almost out of flasks, and she would not be able to grow more cells without more flasks. However, on the same day that she ordered those flasks this woman also learned that UPS workers were about to go on strike.

Did Costar use UPS to deliver its flasks? Customized logistics and financial support had not yet been made available. Therefore, that woman could do nothing but worry. Fortunately UPS workers remained on strike only one day. Consequently, the researcher soon had her flasks.

Still that one series of events underlines the great advantages offered by the software that gives a company customized logistics and financial support. It underscores that degree to which the production process is dependent on cooperation between the suppliers, the deliverers of those supplies and the producers. When all of those industries have access to the Internet, communication between them should be encouraged. Such encouragement has now arrived. It has arrived in the guise of customized logistics and financial support.

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