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  • July 12, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

When a Database has been set up to help a company find new customers, the maintenance of that Data is all important. Sales can be generated and leads followed, but with the vast market of the Internet, customers have no reason to stay loyal to just one firm.

There are so many products and services on offer, it presents a glittering array of confusion. So it is little wonder that the winning back of lost customers is very important to modern business.

Now a small company cannot hope to manage all these services on their own, but help is at hand with outsourcing. An Outsourced company can operate anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost, and provide a quality service to solve the problem.

The main source of the problem, would be to identify why the customer left, or no longer uses the service. The most direct method of doing this, is simple to ask them. If their name and address is still on the Database, then mailing the customer might be the answer. In the past, a paper system, through the postal service of that country, might be expensive and unwieldy. But with the Internet and the revolution in cell phones, everything has changed.

Spam is one of the biggest worries of the modern Internet. No one likes it, and Service Providers go to a lot of trouble to wipe it out. Yahoo can even divide it into two different folders. But if a customer has expressed a wish in the past to communicate with the company, they have offered their consent. This approach is more likely to work and than a blanket mail-shot, as the customer may be still on your side.

Many companies that hold large Databases, storing the buying history of customers, will constantly maintain them. Making sure the people listed are still available, and still open to responses. There is no point in keeping old and out of date information, as this can be actually damaging to a sales campaign.

One of the best ways of double checking data is to ask the customers to fill in a survey. Many of these now have financial rewards, so customers are more than interested to participate. In these surveys, they may be asked why they left and what would induce them to return. This information can be collected and analyzed by a company specializing in Customer Win-Back/Sales Recovery Outsourcing. Customers can be kept informed with a regular newsletter. Outlining the hopes and plans of the company. This was the customer feels involved and made welcome. Engaging them, as if they are stakeholders in the company itself.

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