Customer Service Call Center

Customer Service Call Center

A dedicated customer service call center is all about providing comfort and satisfaction to customers from pre to post purchasing of goods or services. And, this customer service starts with a customer-centric mindset. Global Sky understands that your brand wants to deliver exceptional customer service support, and that’s why we help.

A team of competent agents who handle customer service with professionalism and dedication. We make it a point to go above yours and customers’ expectations to create the best experiences possible. Outsourcing customer service has never been better.

We are a call center that provides our clients with everything they need to ensure top-notch customer <>outsourcing services. Because when your brand takes the customer-centric approach, the attitude reflects in each customer experience. Empowered call center customer service representatives, advanced software and technology, plus a commitment to treat each customer as an individual. That’s our strong service culture.


Delivers excellent outsourced customer service

Are you searching for a customer service call center that can:

  • Get calls monitored and scored monthly?
  • Over 98% dedicated client call quality assurance score?
  • Ensure 11 seconds key client Average Speed to Answer (ASA)?

The main reason why brands like yours choose to outsource customer service to a call center like Global Sky is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of how you operate your business. If you want to truly excel at your customer support capabilities, you need to be able to respond quickly to every customer inquiry.

Outsourcing customer service with Global Sky relieves you of that pressure and immense difficulty. We’ll handle the expensive equipment, the updated software, and competent customer service call center agents.

How a Customer Service Call Center
Helps Your Business to Succeed

Competent customer service and support has and will always be a big contributor to a company’s competitive advantage. That’s because today’s companies know how to provide a service that rises above and beyond your brand’s expectations.

Global Sky shares the same passion and commitment to deliver exceptional order taking, problem-solving, product or service support, and healthy customer relations. Our customer service call center agents have acquired the training, experience, and dedication necessary to ensure that your customers are happy, wherever they are. We work with various businesses across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Our customer service agents have at least a college level of education. They’re also hand-selected in order to match your customer service support requirements. And with this, you can also arrange for 24/7 coverage.

In addition, Global Sky is also your cost-effective answer to expanding your company’s customer service department. Thanks to our customer support representatives’ expertise, we can freely offer businesses of various sizes the same excellent-quality outsourced customer service.

The clients that approach us for this service get to take advantage of our updated software and modern technology. These all help in improving the whole customer experience. We host our calls on the largest and most-trusted global cloud-based platform. This ensures that you never miss your chance to connect with your valued customers, anytime and anywhere.

Outsourced customer services in the Philippines works as seamlessly as if you’re holding your customer support department on the next floor. That’s because we make sure to integrate our services with your business operations.

And of course, we tailor customer service support programs to increase your sales, encourage repeat business, optimize conversions, and meet the company’s goals.

Global Sky’s Outbound Call Center Services include:

  • Live chat
  • Billing inquiries
  • Call overflows
  • Support after-hours
  • Processing orders
  • Event registrations
  • Customer retention
  • Customer support

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Why Choose Our
Customer Service Call Center?

  • Your own 24/7 support & response team
  • Reduced overhead
  • Lesser expenses
  • Quick ramp-ups
  • Even better efficiency
  • Experienced & qualified customer service professional
  • Exclusive access to the latest technology
  • Custom reporting

Let's Get Started

What's your biggest call services concern?


We answer some of the most frequently asked questions that you may have about our customer service call center. And if you have more, feel free to reach out to us, so we can discuss how we can help you with your customer service support needs.

  • How much does Global Sky’s customer service call center cost?

    Several variables determine the cost of outsourced customer service. The number of seats, and the hours of run-time, plus specific requirements of agents are included. An all-inclusive cost is anywhere between $8 – $14 an hour. And if you calculate the overhead costs of a domestic office for the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK, prices can range from $20 – $50 an hour.

  • Does Global Sky accept campaigns on a performance basis fee structure?

    Customer service support is done on a base hourly pay, plus performance basis. Pays based on performance are considered for campaigns with an established and verified track record, or after trial periods with a base hourly payment component.

  • Do Global Sky's call center customer service agents have an accent?

    We carefully screen all of our customer service support agents for excellent verbal and written communication skills. They have very little accents or none at all. They also passed the call center training course which makes them proficient with the English language.

  • May I hear how your customer service call center agents speak?

    Yes, you definitely can. We can provide you with sample voices to listen to. In addition, we can also schedule a direct call for you and a couple of our customer service support agents before you commit to working with us. We are all about catering to your satisfaction.

  • What makes the Philippines a good place for outsourcing customer service?

    The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking nation in the world. In addition to an excellent educational system that is taught largely in English, the country also produces more than 400,000 University graduates every year. Filipinos are also well-acquainted with international cultures via the internet and mass media exposure. The availability of hard-working and college-educated workers are abundant. Filipinos are also popular for having positive attitudes and cultivating professional relationships with customers.

  • Can you tell me the quality of Global Sky's telephone lines?

    Global Sky uses a state-of-the-art VoIP telephone system. These are known for excellent sound quality. They also transmit at less than 200 ms for zero noticeable delays. We can arrange a demonstration for you, so you can hear how the call sounds for yourself.

  • Will my customers know that the calls are originating from the Philippines?

    Your company's clients, prospects, and customers shouldn't be able to discern that your customer service support is from the Philippines. Each customer service agent will be assigned a telephone caller ID and an area code of your choosing. Global Sky's customer service call center is comprised of fluent English-speakers.

  • Will customer service support agents working for me also be working for other clients at the same time?

    No. Each of our customer service agents who are assigned to work for you, will work for you exclusively. Our agents work for one client at a time. This is to ensure that your customers receive full customer support and a great experience.