• August 18, 2011
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By: Michael Murillo

Want to earn salary that ranges from $200-275 per month? Then apply in a call center in the Philippines. What are you waiting for? You can enjoy high salary and gain applicable work experience. But, having this amount of money each and every month is not that easy, sometimes, you need to do your work even if it is in the middle of the night. When foreigner dials a “1-800” number, they might think that they are talking to an individual of the same race as them. Well, they were wrong because it is a Filipino talking on the other end.

Want to satisfy your outsourcing needs? Then let the Philippine call centers be the solution to your problem. For half a millenium, United States colonized Republic of the Philippines that is why Filipinos are familiar with American Culture and can speak Americanized English clearly, not all the major outsourcing countries have that quality. Foreign customers will be more comfortable if they believe that the person they talk to is from the same race. Well in fact, the person that they are talking to has never set even his single foot on their countries soil. Because of the quality of English the Filipinos exercise, you can fool foreign customers that they are not talking to a person outside of their country.

When setting a call center in the Philippines, you may choose from the brightest spots of outsourcing, Manila and Cebu. This two cities are also the biggest cities in the country.
Let’s say that you intend to locate your call center in Makati, Metro Manila. It is a good choice because Makati is known as the country’s main financial district. The atmosphere inside the call center should be relaxing and the agents should be provided with some amenities. For those who work overnight, they need a place to cook their food because it is difficult to look for a convinient store in the middle of the night. Find a place where there is a 24-hour convinience store where your employees may hang-out during their breaktime.

After having the perfect place for your call center, next step is to setup the technical aspects. All you need are workstations, broadband connection and of course, do not forget the server. When technical aspects are all ready, next thing to do is to hire agents. This is not a difficult part because most of the fresh graduates want an elite call center job.

All is ready.

You should also be ready to receive large amount of dollars because of choosing Philippines as your call center’s location.


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