Common Mistakes in Call Center Outsourcing

  • August 5, 2011
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Yes, call center outsourcing is no different when it comes to errors commonly made by companies. But compared to other industries, these common mistakes in call center outsourcing are uncomplicated and can easily be avoided.

One of the mistakes most frequently done by companies is to scale up operations very rapidly. Although outsourcing creates adapting capabilities, rapid changes in call center operations will require a difficult adjustment for the employees and will generate perplexity among workers. Most companies starting with small number of employees tend to fasten up their operations. But once they encounter difficulties, they fall back from where they started.

At present, nearly all large outsourcing firms start with more than 40 initial customer service representatives. Traditionally, call center firms commence with sharp-witted, smart agents. This situation creates a false impression of instant success in their business functions. As time progresses, these initial agents are replaced by new representatives which are trained less. The tasks left by the initial representatives are immediately passed to new agents. This, most of the time, results to call center malfunction and thus, must be avoided.

In order to elude this failure, regular training of agents is a must. This will provide consistency for the quality of customer service. Also, it is essential for the team leaders and supervisors to undergo rigid training, as they have the responsibility of directing the most important asset of the company–its workforce.

As clients, multinational companies have substantial freedom to train the agents to achieve company growth. Keeping in touch with the service providers or the call center operators creates significant connection between the outsourced employees and the company. With this, outsourced workers are likely to show loyalty and in turn, the companies can easily establish trust to the service provider, which is an essential factor of outsourcing.

Inadequate training time is also an error commonly made by clients of call center companies. In offshore call center outsourcing, for instance, many companies have difficulties as effects of not allocating enough training time. There are countries with minimal knowledge in banking in finance. Hence, agents from such countries like India and Pakistan should first be educated about the basic financial processes.

Mistakes are part of any business industries. However, as time passes, the existence of these mistakes is hampered by a variety of solutions. And just like the simple puzzles we encounter everyday, there are remedies. Call center outsourcing can be risky, but with ample knowledge about its operations, it proves itself deserving as one of the most innovating industries in the global market today.


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