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  • July 11, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

Customer Relationship Management software, is a concept designed to find out what your customer really wants. It can track and analyze as much information as possible on a customer, to form a picture of their buying and spending habits.

The joy of this type of system, is that it can bring in outside information, only when it is needed. So a small sized firm, operating from a call center anywhere in the world, can call up information on a customer when they need it. Many outsourced firms, can provide customer and technical support, to supply data only when it is needed. This way a small firm, wanting to be competitive need only pay for the part of the service they need. They will not have to carry staff and data storage, for which, they may never find a use.

Being swift and flexible is the watchword in today’s business market, and CRM is one way of achieving it.

A customer ringing a call center, will want to be heard and understood, as soon as they get through. With CRM the call center operative can call up their file, from outside, within seconds, and be able to talk to the customer with confidence. If there was a technical problem, the operative can see how far it has progressed. As well as a billing enquiry, they can see how far it had been resolved.

So having the data in front of them, the operative can convince the customer, that their case matters. To this end, many companies are looking to the future, and see the wealth of this information as a way of generating more sales through that same customer. If they know their buying habits, then a picture can be built up to determine what they are likely to buy next.

The customer will not feel they are being pressured into buying a product or service, as long as it fits their profile. One of the biggest problems faced by all call centers, is the turnover of staff. This is mainly due to moral, and in turn, this may be down to angry customers on the other end of the phone.

A good management team can turn this problem around, by making sure staff do not feel they are pressurizing customers in directions that are alien to them. CRM offers a more realistic method of approach.

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