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  • July 15, 2011
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A Sure Way to Improve Customer Relations

Commercial and customized CRM software provides companies with customer relationship management. CRM software allows a company to send multiple e-mails to customers. A company with CRM software can send many surveys to its customers, and can thus hope for plenty of feedback on the company products.

Commercial CRM software would be used when the “customer” was a business, and the customer conducted business transactions with a supplier. Commercial CRM software would also be used when the “customer” was a factory, and the supplier was a marketer of raw materials. A supplier might use CRM software to provide many different businesses with details about a new product, one that would be apt to please many of the customers contacting those same businesses. A supplier might use CRM software to contact a number of different factories regarding changes in the price for one or more raw materials.

Customized CRM software would allow a company to develop unique, customized surveys for use with its customers. Such surveys would make it easy for customers to recognize which business had developed the survey. Customers could readily identify the product or products for which the company wanted feedback. Customized software promises any company an increased chance that a survey will be completed and returned.

Customized CRM software also collects customer data. That is important, because it provides the company using the CRM software with way to spot trends. Companies can access the collected customer data and look in that data for signs of widespread acceptance, or widespread disproval, of one or more company products.

In an economy controlled by market forces, the use of CRM software could speed the rate at which supply and demand have acted together to determine price. The rapid response to changes in the supply of crude oil might be attributed to the availability of CRM software. The popularity of CRM software could lead to a re-writing of the course materials for any college’s Economics 101.

Perhaps the interplay of CRM software and the prevailing market forces will one day become the subject of a doctoral thesis, one written by a graduate student in some Department of Economics.

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