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  • March 14, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

When a company decided it wants to Outsource it’s work to save time and money, it will find it now need several levels of management and organization. Once the accounts department is underway, there are several layers of service that are required.

Collections are a very problematic part of any accounts department. The biggest problem, is to get the payments in. They may be overdue, or the system simply has a problem. Not all bad collections are down to fraud. People may be perfectly willing to make a payment, but due to currency exchanges and bank clearance delays, it may appear as a bad debt.

A small company could not manage all these aspects on its own, so it needs the help of an Outsourced agency. This other company would
liaise with credit agencies and the like, to sort out any problems that might come their way. With an outsourced company, you would have a pool of highly educated and motivated group of people, trained into a team.

But if it came to collecting bad debts the Outsourced company would have to have a legal department to make a financial claim I order to begin proceedings against the customers. The money must be recovered, in order for the firm to carry on trading.

They will set out an action plan, to conform with the legal perspectives of the country or credit company they are dealing with, then inform the courts. This may involve debt recovery agencies in a third party capacity.

One important point when it comes to Collections and Accounts Outsourcing, is to keep the database up to date. People pass on, or move and even face changes in the circumstances. This changes their relationship on the Database, and a good credit analysis company can comb through them to find the true pattern behind the accounts.

Quality is an important point, when it comes to Outsourcing. A Company will be judged on how it performs the task that it faces. If people feel they have been wrongly treated, then this will create a negative image of the company. So these Outsourced accounts companies will have service agreements, by which they will be judged.

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