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ecommerce marketing tools

6 Marketing Tools to Help Build Your E-commerce Site

Marketing tools serve as the linchpin that helps bind your e-commerce businesses together and prepares them to compete and grow on a larger…
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ecommerce stores online

Tips To Bring Your Physical Stores Online

Transitioning from the typical brick and mortar store to e-commerce is something businesses are considering lately. As brick and mortar stores struggle to…
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E-commerce Customer Service

Top Email Marketing Platforms You Can Use for Your E-commerce Customer Service

Email marketing is a tried and true tool used by e-commerce business owners to maintain an excellent e-commerce customer service support. It is…
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e-commerce customer support services

5 Thank You Email Examples for E-commerce Stores

The link that connects the e-commerce business owners and its customers are their relationships. An integral gesture that creates and builds a personal…
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customer service for e-commerce

6 Best Free E-commerce Tools of 2020

The driving force that sets the expansion of e-commerce in motion is the consumers' spending habits online, which was brought about primarily by…
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e-commerce customer service call center

5 Tips in Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform

Running an e-commerce business is a lot more complicated than you think. Besides preparing the product or services you want to sell, you…
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Critical Considerations Before Outsourcing Your E-Commerce Customer Support

You have a product or service that is going to fill amarket that you have researched. Everything is in place except for your…
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outsourcing shopify store

Outsourcing Your Shopify Store Customer Service

Now that selling online went well for you, your Shopify store and your site is getting all the attention. Sales and user traffic…
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e-commerce outsourcing

5 E-commerce Platforms That Are Helping SMEs Grow Their Businesses

Covid-19 has caused a significant economic shock in the Philippines, affecting a network of over 4.6 million small and medium enterprises (SME) just…
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customer service for e-commerce

Why Does E-commerce Outsourcing Help Grow Your Business?

According to Statista, online buyers in the USA will grow to around 282.7 million by 2024. Meaning, the competition for customer attention has…
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e-commerce customer service

5 Strategies for e-Commerce Customer Service

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company”, as Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh says. In this day and age,…
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e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing

6 Myths About e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing

Ever wonder why these companies feel uncomfortable and uneasy with the idea of outsourcing their customer service? Is it because of these awful…
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e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing Companies

Top 10 e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

The Philippines is considered to be one of the top call center destinations in the world with companies like OBPO and GlobalSky, known…
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