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  • August 11, 2011
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The population and the Economy-Israel an Upcoming outsourcing destination-Major Contender in The Middle East-Strength and Weakness

Israel the one and only Jewish state in the world is a democratic republic in Middle east.The state of Israel founded on 15 May 1948 as per the approval accorded by UN general assembly was given 55 percent of the land the remaining percentage alloted to the Arabs. The settelement was not acceptable to the Arab nations and the hostility towards this jewish state still remains unresolved.

The country with a population of 7 million mostly immigrants from various European and other nations figure in the list of fast developing nations . The state of israel being confined to mostly non agriculture and un productive land the country has to depend on technology and skill for their journey towards progress. Today Israel is one of the few service providers in a variety of areas especially in Software ,engineering communication, and life sciences.The country has recognized Hebrew and Arabic as official languages. As a result of the close afficilitiation this country maintains with the USA to whom the country owes most of the external debt , English is widely spoken and is also taught in the educational institutions as second language .

The state of Israel has recently emerged as one of the major destinations of the outsourcing industries . Call centre jobs have opened up new opportunities for the educated English speaking people supported by the state of the art technology and better infrastructural facilities compared to the other third world countries of Asia and Africa.

The call centre industry has earned a good portion of the foreign exchange for the country and its annual growth rate is estimated around 20 percent . The country geographically placed at a disadvantageous position that has thrown many a challenges has been striving hard to maintain the progress and keep pace with the development of its rival nations by high technological skills and service exports. It has carved a niche in the fields of agriculture and life science research. The major concentration of the isreal was in providing total solutions in their areas of expertise. Inspite of its socio political and geographical vulnerability, the country has succeeded in providing a better standard of living and wage structure to its committed population the driving force behind any industry including the call centers .

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