Call Centers: What You Know and Didn’t Know

  • July 25, 2011
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By Chiena Bondoc

High pay. Easy job. No age limit. No need to be a college graduate. The only requirement is to have a good voice and have an efficient communication skills. You’re “in” if you work here. These is what most people know about call centers – but is this what their world really is?

Call center is one of the emerging industry in the Philippines. With the Filipinos proficiency to speak English, there is no doubt of why they are considered to be best call center agents in the planet. With this ability, many are urged to be in this industry. But most of these thousand of inquirers find the work to be an ideal one, primarily because of its high pay and it being an easy job, as to what they know.

But they made a real misconception. For all they know, there is no such thing as easy job. Working in a call center is never a child’s play, this is a serious work. Call center agents are frontliners of some of the biggest companies in the world. Customer Service – is the first line of defense of companies for their businesses – and this what call center agents handle. These Filipinos who work in call centers represent these companies to their consumers and they can spell the success or downfall of these business just on how they deal with their consumers 24/7. Is this an easy task? Definitely not.

The only requirement is to have a good voice and have an efficient communication skills. There is no way that these are the only stuff required. Are they applying to be DJs? Yes, for DJs, these must be required. But no, they are not working for a radio station. This job also requires high IQ and intelligence.

There is no need for one to be a college graduate. Applicants are very much adviced to finish college first before applying. Also, if they want to continue studying while still employed, they may be assisted through schedule requests.

Talking about being “in” working here. Why will they be “in”? This isn’t a fad, this is work. A task to fulfill for them to be able to bring home money for food. People who work here are very much working hard to the extent of sacrificing their health.

Call centers do well in the Philippines because Filipinos, besides the fact that they have good customer service skills, but also because they are hard-working and productive people. And this is something to be really proud of for the world is very much moved with what Filipinos can do and offer.


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