Call Centers Prefer Women as Agents? Why?

  • March 10, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Does this signal women empowerment or gender versatility in the modern day business? Men are known to be the dominant ones when it comes to the working industry especially when it comes to working over night.But recent statistics show that 95 percent of workers or employees in particular companies are women. Yes, women who happens to be the ones doing most of the household chores. It is practically a way of showing gender versatility that men are not the only ones who can do the opposite responsibility but women as well are capable of doing heavy tasks like sitting while talking over night over the phone dealing with different kinds of people for sales purposes or for help or assistance services. As well, women dominated over men when it comes to the top manager level, 6 to 4. A certain company’s job market advertisement for customer servive representatives caught the attention of a number of applicants everyday.

The advertisement’s seems so simple: Female, 20-35 years old, graduate of any four-year course, proficient in English and a good communicator with a promising broadcast voice, literate in computer and has positive attitude. It also announces that the training which is for one month has allowances and six months of paid probationary employment prior to hiring. According to the customer care director of the company, the company responds to all kinds of customer questions that would eventually clinch the sale of products that are being marketed by the company’s customers.

Because of the strong demands for the job, Filipinos, and particularly Filipino women, have made a career in the contact center industry, especially in offshore outsourcing. In the United States, the call center industry is somewhat morbid. It is a career that is only done by people on summer because they do not want to engage themselves with with many kinds of attitudes and troubles. But naturally, Filipinos are affectionate and easy to deal with and that is three-fourths of the combat in the United States. You do not have to tell a Filipino call center representative because they cant keep hanging up on a customer because they never do that. Women are preferred more over men in the customer service representative task in almost all the call centers in the Philippines. Scientifically proven, women are generally possessing a high tolerance to stress and a soothing quality of voice although married women show more seriousness at work than single women.

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