Call Centers in U.S.A. The Controversy in Outsourcing

  • April 27, 2011
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The history of call centers in U.S.A. growth and potential-the concept of outsourcing- Job opportunities Vs. cost reduction-

U.S.A. The Country and Its Population
United States of America the federal republic situated primarily in North America bordered by Canada in the north and Mexico in the south is the global super power of the world especially after the fall of the U.S.S.R. This federal republic has emerged as the leading and dominant influence in the economic and political domains of the world. The majority of its population being the descendants of white European settlers, the country’s culture is a mixture of various sects and cosmopolitan in nature. As per the estimates of 2006 the population exceeds 289 million people. It would be interesting to know that the United States has no official language though English is the most widely spoken language. More than 97 percent of the population speaks English followed by Spanish and Chinese in that order.

The History Of Call Centers in USA
The concept of call center is nothing new to this federal state. The call center industry that became popular in USA has created more than 5 million jobs in the country since 1990 as per the rough estimates. The industry is all set to take a high growth rate considering the shift in the prominence from industry to service sector. The call centers of the USA being managed professionally and the employees receiving good pay packets some of the multinationals and later on many large and medium sized companies started exploring the outsourcing of the call centre jobs to the third world countries in Asia and other developing nations.

Out sourcing The New Mantra
The high savings in the cost of labor that the multinationals could make may be assessed from the drastic difference in the compensation paid for a call center employee in USA and to the counterpart in a country like India. While the average yearly earnings of an employee in a call centre in U.S.A is around $20000 the corresponding figure in India is only about $4000 i.e. on an average only 20 percent of the wages paid in developed countries. The move though claimed to be part of industrial globalization the main motive behind the same could be economy in expenditure and reduction in cost. The corporate giants could also cite historical evidences of outsourcing from 1830 starting from country’s wagon covers that was outsourced to Scotland and the outsourced work relating to the payroll and word processing in nineteen eighties. The new move was received not without criticism on account of impending job insecurity and labor displacement in the country. Though the immediate impact is not alarming there is wide spread resentments among the labor organizations about unbridled outsourcing.

Looking Ahead
The scope and growth of the call centre jobs in the U.S. has to be seen in the above backdrop. Looking ahead we may hope that new innovations may in future replace human work places and the need and economy of the job outsourcing may eventually reduce if not vanish , bringing new vigor and dimensions to the call centers in the country.

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