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  • September 10, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

Today call centers are taking over from the old employment system. Years ago, if you wanted a good job, the first place you would go to find work, was the local factory. Now people migrate to the call center.

In many ways call centers in the United States offer better advantages than the old work places ever could. The most obvious is heath and hygiene. The are cleaner and safer than any factory ever was, and few people can have doubts about the comfort of their working environment.

Parents will well remember the dark days of their first employment, so they will be more than pleased to see their children go off to work in these new shinny workplaces, and the call centers in the United States, are among the best in the world.

Stress and work related moral, are amongst the biggest health problems of society today. All call centers in the United Stares are well aware of this. So to this end, relieving stress in the workplace is the number one priority. You no longer have that dreaded feeling that you are going to work in a dark prison, where you have few prospects and little to look forward too.

By its very nature, the call center business in the United States is heavily involved with the information revolution. People may think it looks like reinventing the wheel. As old machines are constantly replaced by new ones, that appear to do the same job, but in a new box. But the good news is, that by constantly metamorphosing itself, the industry can offer so many more opportunities.

There are so many spin-off jobs coming from IT in the call center world, that the only thing holding people back, is their skill level. To this end call centers in the United States are constantly looking to train people to new skill levels. In the old days, once you had your basic qualification, you would never go back in the classroom. People would say: “Why should I learn anything else? I know all I need to do the job?”

Thanks to call centers, this has all changed. In turn this has fed the fire to motivate the industry to look at new and innovating ways to help people get on. Life styles have improved on the back of this exponentially. Unions were once very hostile to the thought of making people work in huge bland call centers in the United States, but now welcome them with open arms. This is simply because employers have taken on board the concerns of the workforce, and made life more comfortable.
The biggest threat to the world of call centers in the United States, is foreign competition. With rising costs to wages and heath care, every company in the US is looking to cut cost. India and the Far East pose a very attractive proposition when it comes to providing the same level of service, but at a fraction of the cost.

When the Old World of Imperial Empires came to and end, the legacy they left behind, was language. Many spoke very good English, with a high level of education. So when the information revolution took off, companies found they could simply shift their operation wholesale around the world. Once a few had started, it looked more attractive to the rest.

Since 9/11 attitudes have changed. The world is no longer an open playground for business, and security has to be taken into account. Many call centers in the Far East, may enjoy stable governments now, but there is a big question mark hanging over their neighbors. Call centers in the United States offer a stable and trusted method of doing business, which can only grow in the future.

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