Call Centers in the Philippines

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Call  centers in the Philippines continuously increase in number up to this time. Many multinational companies from United States, Australia and United Kingdom have been outsourcing their call centers in the Philippines since year 2000. Outsourcing in the Philippines is proven to be highly beneficial for multinational companies because it is cost effective. Office  spaces  are  inexpensive  compared to rates  in  other  countries. Cost of labor is low. However, the labor  force in the Philippines  is  highly  skilled  and  proficient in English  language. Filipinos have neutral and understandable accent that makes communication effective. In fact, customers of multinational companies located in different countries do not notice that they are talking to customer or technical service representatives outside their country.Filipinos  are  also  known  to  have a  very  good work ethics which is  necessary in coping with the  demands and  pressure of  the  call center jobs. The  Philippine  government is working hard  to  attract  foreign companies because it  helps  alleviate unemployment in the  country.Various government programs had been launched which aim to train Filipinos to be more suitable and competent in job positions in the call center industry. More  jobs  means more income for  Filipinos  and more  tax  contributions to the  government. The  call  centers in the  Philippines  have  been  a  great  help in the  Philippine  economy  for  almost a  decade  now.Call centers in the Philippines is a good place where the fresh graduates start out their careers where  they  can be  paid much more than other jobs  can  give  them. Aside from it, call centers in the Philippines offers a promising careers for hard-working and determined young professionals. Most of the Filipinos no longer pursue working outside the country because the call centers in the Philippines offer competitive salary and benefits.

A multinational company is in its greatest advantage if they choose to have their call centers in the Philippines because they can save money without sacrificing the quality of the service they aim to provide their customers. Filipino’s affinity to western culture makes them effective employees who can easily understand customer’s concerns and problem.

The growing number of call centers in the Philippines is an evidence of success of the industry which is advantageous both for the multinational company and the Philippine government. It is in fact, a win-win situation not only for them but also for the labor force of the country.

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