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  • March 17, 2011
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Call centers in the Bahamas, are just part of the package that are on offer in this small country. For years the Bahamas have been renowned for the offshore banking services they provide.

This has enabled businesses to trade all over the world, independent of large Federal states, and offering personal freedom to many entrepreneurs. In this exciting new world of the global economy, Call centers in the Bahamas are well placed to make the most of it. A member of the British Commonwealth, it enjoys strong links with Europe and the UK. This had lead many people to find it a very disable place to live. There are a large number of English speaking people, with a high standard of education.

The Island is well placed in the Caribbean to exploit the massive trade between the US and Hispanic speaking countries. Like many small islands in the region, they once relied on the sale of commodities such as bananas and sugar. But as the world moves on, this is not enough, and they now need something more. Call centers in the Bahamas, are a short step to making up the short fall in the economy.

One of the largest banks in the region: First Caribbean, have enough confidence in them to invest up to $8 million. Making call centers in the Bahamas a major player in the global market. They now have telephone and Internet banking, providing many jobs.

It might seem that in a competitive world there would be no part for call centers in the Bahamas? It might be too small to compete?

But this market has grown so dramatically, that even India (the world’s largest call center market) is actually seeking other countries to make up the gap in personnel. China has expanded so fast that few countries can keep up with demand. And this is no boom or bust proposition as years before. Now, companies want quality and high technology to meet the markets. There is an information revolution taking place, and even call centers in the Bahamas, have their part to play.

At the moment, call centers in the Bahamas are linked by the submarine Cable, with plans to connect to the world system with fiber optic and later satellite links. All the islands, that go to make up the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, are linked to the rest of the world by the standard “A” Earth Station communication system. This has enabled the cell phone market to expand on most of the islands, visited by the huge tourism industry.

There is great excitement in the island today, as IT companies have enabled the people to view Digital Cable Television, enjoyed by the rest of the Western world.

Once large companies have embraced the commercial potential of call centers in the Bahamas, it opens the door for many other small and struggling counties to save their economies.

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