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  • July 30, 2011
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Romania – The new outsourcing destination. Upcoming competitor to Asian countries- Advantages over India and other BPO leaders.

Romania a south eastern European country surrounded by Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro has a large stretch of sea cost and is a fast developing European nation. Romania is the largest business market in the south Eastern Europe and the government and the chamber of commerce extend support for settling up of new industries. The country is looking forward to expand its reach and is well poised to be a major player in the BPO industry in Europe.

The official language of the country is Romanian. Around 25 million people speak Romanian the world over Further 25% of people in Romania speak understandable English. It is estimated that 5 million people speak English and another 4 to 5million people speak French. There was a recent shift from French to English as far as the foreign languages are concerned.

As per a recent report the cost of Call center outscoring in Romania is much cheaper than in India besides the country with abundant, well-educated and skilled workers. Romania has a unique advantage of close similarity to European culture than their counter parts in Asia. Of late U.S.A has also started exploring Eastern Europe as a viable alternative to their outsourcing needs.

The preference for the Asian countries especially India by the United Kingdom is because of the cultural links with the latter. However the recent increase in the cost of call centers calls for a viable alternative. It is in this context that the relevance of Romania assumes importance. The country with its high tech infrastructure and highly motivated labor force is bound to make feel its presence in the call center industry hitherto a monopoly of the former Asian British colonies.

Romania has to plug its scarcity for the more enterprising managers and entrepreneurs. This upcoming European country with a 22 million population has a history of scientific achievements and technical competence. It is high time that the outsourcing countries of Europe realize the high potential in Romania for setting up of low cost call centers that has a cutting edge technology, Zeal cultural similarities most of which seldom found in the third world countries of Asia.

Subhasis Chatterjee is a featured writer for offers free consultation and access to over 100+ call center vendors around the world. Hope the article has presented the details on the subject discussed.. For more information and consultation on Call centers in Romania please call 888-863-6680 or email [email protected]

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