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  • October 5, 2011
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Philippines – The archipelago. Population and culture- the fast developing outsourcing destination- Emerging call center industry– scope and potential-

The Republic of Philippines an archipelago in the south East Asia was a Spanish colony for more than three and a half centuries and thereafter an American colony for about 50 years. The country has 7000 and odd islands of which only 700 are inhabited. Philippines owe much to Spain and USA to its cultural bondage. The Europeans invaded the islands originally occupied by the locals and the Christianity became the major religion of the country. Though Spanish was the official language until the early seventies English took over the status during the rule by the USA and is presently taught as second language in schools.

The economy of the country largely depends on the agriculture. The progress of the country was sluggish until recently due to the frequent political turmoil and unrest and large-scale unemployment and economic morbidity being faced by the country. It has some inherent advantages in the matter of call center jobs. First is the cultural affinity and the command over the US English by the local population on account of the 50 years rule by the latter. It was only recently the government found the immense scope for the call center jobs in the country exploiting the large work force and the English knowing and communication savvy people. As a result many call center and BPO firms has been opened by the MNCs in this island nation to the advantage of the job hungry young population. Today Philippines have one of the most vibrant and fast developing BPO industries in the continent.

The large population of the country with more than 86 million people and consequent unemployment problem that has touched an alarming rate of 12.7 percent has made the nation to explore about the vast untapped potential in the BPO industry that has started paying rich dividends in the recent years. As per the recent survey USA has lost more than two million jobs in call centers and BPO industry to few of the Asian countries of which the Philippines ranks on the top.

The Call Center industry in Philippines is all set to face the emerging challenges from the Asian countries of Taiwan, India and China and the country is striving hard to emerge as the major call center and BPO outsourcing destinations of the continent.

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