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  • August 9, 2011
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The Growth and Development of Jamaica–The call center industry in Jamaica- Concessions from Government- Emerging call center Hub.

Jamaica the island nation situated in the Caribbean Sea has a length of 240 km and a width of 80 km is a former Spanish colony and a later British West Indies Crown colony. The country’s population consists of the descendants of former African slaves. It is the third largest English speaking country after USA and Canada. The country attained full independence in 1962. Jamaica’s economy is dependent on Mining and tourism, and services of which Mining and tourism are the major foreign exchange contributor to the country’s exchequer.

The country has since been making visible changes in its economic development in the recent years. The annual inflation rate that was as high as 80 percent in 1991 has been drastically reduced to 8 percent in 1998. The government of Jamaica is determined to bring down the inflation rates to comparable level with its trading partners.

The country has been in the limelight in the call center industry for the past 5 years. The official language being English and the educated population having good command over English language, the service orientation of the people by years of tourism and above all the cultural affinity to the US make Jamaica an emerging destination for call center outsourcing.

Jamaica with a 2.6 million population is one of the most attractive destinations for tourism and majority of tourist continues to be from USA. The Jamaican economy is primarily dependent on the service and agriculture industries. The unemployment level of the country is as high as 16 percent, the large chunk of which are young adults between the age of 20 and 34 years. All the above factors helps the Caribbean nation to emerge in the near future as a fierce contender in the call center industry to the leading outsourcing destinations viz. India, Taiwan, China and other Asian nations. Of late Jamaican government is focusing on the skill up gradation of the labor force an improving the infrastructural facilities. The country is slowly developing as a call center hub. It has also shown tremendous progress in the IT industry for the last two years.
The labor cost in the call centers being 2/3 of the total cost of the call centers the savings in the area due to low wages would compensate for the high cost in telecommunication and the electrical cost prevalent in the country. The Jamaican government offers various incentives to the newly opened call centers in the country like 100 percent relief from import duty and full repatriation of earnings.

Considering the various advantages Jamaica has much to offer as a viable offshore call center destination with low operating costs, skilled and service minded labor force and technological competence.

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