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  • August 10, 2011
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Israel as an Asian: Origin and development-People and Language-Status of Call Centre Jobs-Growth and Potential for all call centers.

The State of Israel, the only Jewish State in the world is a parliamentary democracy of Asia. Israel was born in 1947 by the approval of UN General Assembly with roughly 55% of the disputed land going to the nation and the state of Israel was formally born on 15 May 1948. The severe hostility the country faced ever since its formation from the neighboring Arabian nations still continues unabated. The country is prominent among the developing nations in high technology industries. The scares natural resources and the high education level of the people were instrumental in the country getting a prominent role in high technology domains. No wonder the country known as the second Silicon Valley has achieved enviable success in research and development of hi-tech industries like software, communication and life sciences. Israel has a total population of 7 million people mostly Jews. Though Hebrew and Arabic are the official Languages, English is widely spoken by the majority of the people and is also taught in Schools as the second language.

The stiff challenges that the country faces from scarce natural resources like water, cultivable land and rainfall compelled them to go for high technology industries and also to depend on exports and out sourcing jobs. Israel has carved a niche in providing total solutions to a variety of agricultural and industrial needs of various countries the world over.

The call centre jobs in Israel has emerged as one of the potential foreign exchange earning industries .The annual growth rate of the call centre industry in the country is more than 20%

The Country known for its quality and commitment in providing services is distinct from the other outsourcing destinations of Europe, North America and Asia. The highly motivated, educated and quality conscious labor force is the major reason for its success in the outsourcing industry. The Country provides total solution for the call centre and customer service centre covering a large gamut of operations right from call centre service to database management.

The limited workforce and better wage regulations of Israel may not compare well with abundant labor supply and low wages in many Asian and south east Asian developing countries. The quality of service and state of the art technology of the country should be an adequate compensation to sustain the growth that the country has achieved in the outsourcing and call center industries.

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