Call Centers in India -The New Asylum for The Jobless

  • September 14, 2011
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The alarming population growth and unemployment in India .The history of call centers in India – the New Found Job – Changing face of the educated Youth of India.

India the second most populous nation in the world and getting ready to overtake China to become the most populous country in the globe is struggling hard to offer jobs for its teeming educated millions. India The emerging Super power India though being the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power due to its swelling population that has since crossed a billion faces severe challenge in feeding her population. It holds the seventh position in the world by geographical area and is well known for its diverse culture and tradition. The country has made rapid progress in the economic, industrial and military spheres during the last two decades. It is an emerging super power and the largest democratic republic of the world.

The leader in the BPO industry The country has more than 1672 local dialects and 15 approved languages in the constitution. English and Hindi are widely used as the official languages. While the south east Asian Nations like Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Philippines concentrated on the outsourced jobs in electronic, digital and hardware domains, India carved a niche in software and call centre outsourcing process. Countries like China and Taiwan lagged behind in this area due to their poor command over English the one and only basic requirement for the call centre job. Unlike In China English is a compulsory subject in India and most of the schools have included it as the second language in their curriculum. Many schools are still maintaining English as the Medium of Instruction. The 200 year colonial rule by the British made this language a lingua franca among its diverse and multi language speaking states of North and South. The country realized its potential and exploited the Global call centre market to its advantage making use of its large English speaking educated youths willing to offer their service at low wages. The average income of a graduate call centre employee in India is not more than $350 a month compared to more than $1500. in any other developing nations. No wonder many a multinational in USA, and other European countries found their lucrative partners in call centre outsourcing process in India since 1995.

The major cities of Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Pune has emerged as the BPO centers of the country where small ,medium and large sized outsourcing companies are being opened. The leading multinationals like Wipro, Dell and other leaders in the software market have found India as their Outsourcing partner due to its strategic location, English speaking skills, low wages and abundant labor forces. The call centre jobs in India is a fast developing industry that provide millions of Job for the educated unemployed of the country. The industry is likely to surge ahead and has the potential to emerge as a sector offering vast employment opportunities in the coming days.

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