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  • August 21, 2011
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Demographic background and linguistic advantage-High wage structure-losing call center jobs-Revival and Future Potential

Canada a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy lies in the northern part of North America. A former colony of British Empire Canada got the liberty to amend its constitution in 1982. The population crossing over 32.5 million people largely constitutes of descendants of European immigrants. The increase in country’s population is due to the immigration rather than natural growth.

The two official languages of the country are English and French spoken by 56 and 28 percent people as their mother tongue. Though the country has accepted a bilingual policy most of the Canadians are fluent only English.

The economy of the country is dependent of its abundant natural resources especially the energy sector as a result of the large deposits of fossil fuels and hydro electric power. The country’s major export is also its energy resources.

The high growth of customer base and consequent enquiry related problems paved the way for the birth of call centers in USA and Canada about 2 decades back. Being the pioneer in the industry and its well-developed infrastructure and educated person power, the country made substantial inroads in to the call center industry.

The euphoria of business process outsourcing that gripped the Europe and North America affected Canadian call centers, as a result the country lost hundreds of thousands jobs to the highly competitive BPO destinations of Asia and Middle East. The comparatively higher minimum wage regulations and high migration of call center personnel were deterrents to compete with the ever growing outsourcing of call centers by the fortune five hundred and other corporate giants. The average wage earnings of a call center employee in Canada are almost five times of the compensation offered in the Asian countries.

Apart from the local outsourcing firms many multinationals have also opened their exclusive call centers in various third world countries like India, Philippines, Taiwan and China a matter of much concern for the labor organizations and job seekers. In spite of the ruthless competition prevailing in the industry the country is poised for high growth in the sector taking advantage of the wide spread complains and resentments from some of the overseas outsourced centers during the recent past.

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