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  • July 17, 2011
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Canadian Call centers have that extra instinct to act swiftly and respond to wide-ranging queries, as well as serving people across the globe with compassion, perseverance and honesty!

Canada became independent in 1867 and has been eminent for its natural resources. In the technological and economical fields Canada flourished by America’s side. Its main strife is that even after cutting expenses for a decade it couldn’t manage to improve the quality of health care and education services. Another one of its issues is being honest with the government, but overall Canada is a beautiful place with wonderful hard working people.

Call centers were established in Canada decades ago, and presently Canada has 4,500 call centers. Mostly all of them are thriving like the ‘Service Quality Measurement Group’ which is a quality measurement and management consulting firm, ‘Canquest Communications’ which articulately provides customers with communication solutions, ‘Connectel’ which is a telemarketing company associated with countries from all over the world, ‘NuComm International’ that caters to their clients on the customer contact front and above all, the well-known TigerTel UTR which is the mentor of many of these call centers in Canada

Tigertel UTR is a specific telecommunications association that focuses on call centers nationwide. It inclusively offers incoming and outgoing services which accentuate professionalism, modernism and most importantly reliability. Their goal is to traditionally and suavely be readily available to cater to the clients needs in every possible manner.

Call centers in Canada under this organization are known for their deep adeptness, resilience and proficiency just like Global Sky in the Philippines. They have a great team of readily available, around the clock agents, who innately and incomparably handle simple projects as well as multifaceted ones. TigerTel UTR has been achieving the ‘Award of Excellence’ for 12 uninterrupted years and the ‘Award of Distinction’ for 3 years from the ‘Canada Call Centers Industry Standards Association’.

The fundamental objective of this articulate and commendable squad of workers is to save the customers time and money, be concerned for the client’s lucrative benefits as well as guiding them in the right direction by making your priorities theirs.

In August 2004 a market analysis firm called Datamonitor stated that call centers in the US will decrease, and additionally in a report called ‘The Vertical Guide to Contact Centers in North American 2008’ it was declared that America’s failure will be an avail for Canada. There is a prediction that in 2008 America will lose 3,000 call centers, around 133,000 employees will also be diminished and other countries in affiliation with the US like Canada, India, Mexico and the Philippines will get affected.

We all now know that Canada is doing very well when it comes to call centers, and guess what? Datamonitor has forecasted that By 2008 Canada will gain approximately 800 call centers and 93,000 agents which are outsourcing from America. Now there’s something motivational which will make every dimension of Canada’s call centers complete!

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