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  • August 22, 2011
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Strategic Advantage- Native English speaking community. – Call center Jobs-scope and potential.

The commonwealth of the Bahamas an independent nation in the West Indies is an archipelago of around 700 islands. It is a democratic nation the head of the state being the British monarch represented by a Governor General. The country famous for its tourist attraction is heavily dependent on this industry that contributes a major chunk of the country’s GDP around 60%. The majority of the population of this island nation is black and the official language is English.

The second biggest industry in the country is off shore banking. On an average five million tourists visit Bahamas every year. The country offers attractive features to the investors. Its peaceful and democratic environment, full repatriation facilities for corporate profits, proximity to United States with well-developed telecommunication and transportation facilities gives the island nation an edge over the rest of the nations in call center industry.

Nassau and Free port are the two major towns offering immense potential for call center industry. The advantage of English speaking population and the cultural bondage and nearness to the USA makes this nation a highly cost effective outsourcing destination.

Considering the comparatively lesser wages for the workforce, well-developed infrastructure in the major towns and the free economy are sufficient reasons for any multinational to consider Bahamas as a potential outsourcing destination.

The sluggish tourism growth the country has been facing after the September 11 attack; many encouraging measures are being introduced by the government to off set the loss in the tourism industry the potential for call center industry in the country has to be seen in this back drop. Various recent initiatives by the Government of Bahamas for the foreign investment, the tax concessions and liberalized economy measures is expected to bring many multi nationals based at US to Bahamas. The country by its location, cultural affinity and linguistic similarities is an ideal outsourcing destination for the USA. The country’s heavy dependence on US would also be an encouraging factor for the call center industry to flourish in the days to come.

The increasing unemployment, technological competence besides abundant workforce would no doubt make this neighboring country of USA a call center hub.

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