Call Centers: Hyping RP Thru Its Independence From OFW Dollars

  • July 21, 2011
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By: Roy Jonathan del Rosario

For many years or so, overseas working has been the main contributor of large revenues to our economy. Due to the strong demand for domestic helpers, industrial workers such as architects and engineers, and more recently the need of other nations for nurses and educators, it was workers which became Philippines’ chief export products to other nations.

But the recent break through of call centers and the large growth in the number of companies that avail business process outsourcing have made a large impact in the Philippine economy in a quite ameliorating manner. The Philippine economy finds the upsurging industry of call centers and the business process outsourcing a very viable force to help wean it from its dependence on the income that workers overseas produce and to make an inflation in its potential for the growth of the economy. The Philippine government have also endorsed the Philippines to foreign investors for more Outsources since Philippines is a well-competitive offshore destination for outsourcing due to its strong production of workers with high proficiency in the English language and strong affinity with the western culture.

To allure more investors to outsource here, the government also gave budget heavily for the advancement of infrastructure since it may turn off investors because of the shortcomings these infrastructures may cause. President Arroyo stressed that the business process outsourcing and call center business which have been the major generator of huge revenues to the economy will be the main factor in achieving the government’s goal of achieving 5.5 to 6.2 percent growth in gross domestic product this year alone.

The telecommunications business would remain aggressive because of the existence of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), which enables agents and customers to make long distance calls with the use of the internet.

As predicted, the business process outsourcing sector would become more aggressive, enabling the country earn more foreign exchange without many Filipinos going overseas to work as care givers, industrial workers or teachers.

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