Call Center Outsourcing: What Makes It Better?

What makes the Philippine call center outsourcing service better than the rest? This is the question that is clinging in the mind of most people who want an outsource service. And we will definitely help them out for them to answer their own question.

Based on Wikipedia, being a former American colony, the Philippines’ education system is patterned after the American education system and this includes American-style diction and pronunciation of the English language. This gives the Filipino people a neutral or an almost American accent. Having this ability is an assurance of a better understanding with mostly American clients and as well as an advantage in dealing with them.

Beside the fact that these people are good English speakers, most of them as well are college graduates.

In the global BPO market, the country is considered to be the most intense rival of India. But since India is a former British colony, Indians are educated in British-style English that is compounded by the heavy Indian accent, resulting to a language barrier.

According to Wikipedia, Filipinos are said to be the best outsourcing site outside North America since the accent is nearer to that of American consumers.

In line with that, there has been a research conducted by the Michigan-based global staffing firm Kelly Services Inc. and the Singaporean market research outfit ACA Research Inc. which shows that Filipino call center employees worked harder, were easier to train, had better language skills and were more devoted than their counterparts in India.”

Truly, Filipino workers attach importance to and love their works so much. They are truly hard-working people who are ready to exert great endeavor in whatever they love doing. Also, they as well are very dedicated when it comes to work they have to do.

Besides being dedicated and devoted in their jobs, Filipinos are totally fast-learners. Being naturally intelligent people, they also know how to listen and that’s the best thing about it. They know how to follow instructions and are very willing to learn no matter how hard the task is.

Last year, 2005, the country ranked 3rd in the world for top BPO destinations, according to neoIT’s 2005 Mapping Offshore Markets Update(Wikipedia).

With all the information mentioned above, surely, people who doubt are now able to answer the question that has been in their minds. Why outsource to the Philippines? Surely, you know it by now!

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