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By Steven Lambert ” The call centers in the Philippines can reply on a highly educated population, that are in big demand for skills across the globe. But the Philippine government has realized this and launched an education program to turn things around. The call center Industry in the Philippines drew up a Benchmarking Study, […]

Philippines – The archipelago. Population and culture- the fast developing outsourcing destination- Emerging call center industry- scope and potential-

The Republic of Philippines an archipelago in the south East Asia was a Spanish colony for more than three and a half centuries and thereafter an American colony for about 50 years. The country has 7000 and odd islands of which only 700 are inhabited. Philippines owe much to Spain and USA to its cultural bondage. The Europeans invaded the islands originally occupied by the locals and the Christianity became the major religion of the country. Though Spanish was the official language until the early seventies English took over the status during the rule by the USA and is presently taught as second language in schools.

I am writing out a fuller description to see how much it will actually capture.I am writing out a fuller description to see how much it will actually capture.I am writing out a fuller description to see how much it will actually capture.I am writing out a fuller description to see how much it will […]

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BY: ALEXIS HOJILLA The Philippines is often reckoned as a global hotspot in terms of agriculture, with sheer numbers of flora and fauna exported around different countries around the globe. However, as the Information Age continues to evolve rapidly, the Philippines undergoes a transformation from being an agriculture-oriented country to a cyberPhilippines. It is at […]

By Chiena Bondoc What makes the Philippine call center outsourcing service better than the rest? This is the question that is clinging in the mind of most people who want an outsource service. And we will definitely help them out for them to answer their own question. Based on Wikipedia, being a former American colony, […]

By Roy Jonathan del Rosario “The difference between good, better and best is justified by the unlike quality and worthiness of the work done.” Philippines is known globally as one of the second largest-speaking nations in the world. Yes, you’ve heard it right, not the ‘only’ but ‘one of’. There is the strong contender for […]

BY: ALEXIS HOJILLA This is the question lingering in the minds of many business professionals, especially those engaged in the latest global business prevalence. In the 2005 neoIT’s Mapping Offshore Markets Update, Philippines exchange places with other countries which had long before engaged in the business process outsourcing industry. Philippines is included as one of […]

BY: ALEXIS HOJILLA Some two to three centuries ago, huge social and economic advances marked the worldwide evolution from a conservative agricultural and commercial worldwide society to an experimental industrial civilization. Manufacture of new mechanical innovations to ease the tasks of mankind had replaced manual labor and conventional tools our ancestors had used long ago. […]

By JOHN YUVA The Oncoming Fall of Outsourcing? Outsourcing has been around for a very long amount of time, long enough to inspire that we’ve-been-here-before-am-I-right? feeling. The recent upbringing in outsourcing projects, starting off with the 2001 recession, looks a lot like the original upsurge of outsourcing contracts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. […]

BY: ALEXIS HOJILLA Among all the cities in the world, Manila was cited as the best city for outsourcing by the Global Offshoring Index 2004 of a property consultancy company. Jones Lang Lasalle asserted that this is due to the country’s well-educated, English-speaking and IT-skilled workforce. Following Manila are cities from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. […]

By Chiena Bondoc Being a third world country is never a hindrance for the Philippines especially in the outsourcing industry. Being the leading player in the business of outsourcing, India, is now competing with this third world nation. A better highly skilled English-speaking labor force. A much dependable telecommunications infrastructure. Low cost of qualified personnel. […]

By Roy Jonathan del Rosario Does Philippines have laws which guard the confidentiality of private information that is held regarding a person in the course of private conversations on the phone or on-line for business or any legal purposes for instance, in the outsourcing industry? Most businessmen are being anxious whether or not to avail […]

Philippines -The Country and its population-The History of Call Centers in Philippines -Status and future Potential The Republic of Philippines comprises of 7107 islands known as Philippine archipelago of which 700 islands are inhabited. Tracing back to the history of this south Asian nation one finds that the country was a colony of Spain for […]

By Chiena Bondoc One of the major factors why the Philippines is chosen to be one of the best outsourcing spot in the world is their fluency in English. But beside the universal language, Filipinos are as well good in Spanish language. The question is: Is the possibility of putting Spanish-speaking call centers in the […]

Don’t Get Submerged in a Flood of E-mails When a company uses CRM software, then it can send its customers multiple emails. But what if the company sends out many different surveys? How then does that company handle all of the survey responses? Does the company need to hire a whole new set of employees […]

By Steven Lambert One of the main areas where Product Inquiries Outsourcing can pay off, is sales. A Company may wish to expand in another country and take many of the managers with them. But they will still need a huge pool of expertise to ensure a back up for their products. Customers will only […]

Use Customized Marketing for Those Desired Customers Customer win-back and sales recovery outsourcing can help a company to overcome one of the greatest challenges that faces any business, especially any business which has chosen to introduce changes in an old product. Such changes can draw old, departed customers back to within the circle of interested […]

With the ongrowth of information technology emerges a very huge business trend which is reportedly earning about a trillion dollars. And it is called OUTSOURCING. The concept started to gain popularity back in the mid 1990’s, as it was incorporated by business groups as a very essential strategy in planning their operations. Outsourcing mainly involves […]

By Steven Lambert The bedrock of Telemarketing Outsourcing is lead Generation. This is basically finding the right types of customer, and selling them a product or service which suits their needs in detail. One of the keys to this is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This is specialized software, which collects and correlates buying information on […]