Outsourcing Your Shopify Store Customer Service

Shopify Customer Support

Shopify Customer Support

Now that selling online went well for you, your Shopify store and your site is getting all the attention. Sales and user traffic are increasing by the minutes, emails from customers are coming in hot 24/7, and you installed a chatbot to help you out a little while you take phone calls. The increase in your sales all over multiple channels is a good thing. But you will not have the time to assess everything, and you will always be glued on your laptop doing customer support by yourself, assisting purchases, and solving problems.

The success of your Shopify store can be overwhelming. A growing business will generate more social media comments, reviews, customer service emails, etc. It is plausible that your customer service department can lose control of this kind of hectic schedule. When this happens, your customers will be left waiting for weeks, become frustrated by the poor customer service, and will surely demand you to return their money and leave your negative reviews on your social media pages.  Once your customers see a negative review, and they will potentially lose confidence in your business, your product’s quality, and your brand.


Shopify Customer Service Outsourcing

Outstanding customer service is a gateway to your business’s growth, which can gain positive reviews and develop new products and services. Good customer service for your Shopify store can be difficult but is fruitful when done right. Doing right means developing Shopify customer support.

If you don’t have the resources to provide high-end customer support, then maybe it’s time you consider to put customer service in the hands of companies and agents trained to perform these services for you. Like the rise of WordPress and other personal websites, Shopify’s success has welcomed an avalanche of outsourcing companies and freelancers.

When your business expands, answering customer emails begin to distract you from other important tasks. It is never too soon to outsource your Shopify customer service so you can avoid a heavy workload and spend holidays and day-offs with your family. Your customer service team depends on your preferences and resources, but the first step is to remove you, the owner, from doing the job.


Merge Customer Service Team to Your Shopify Account

The first thing you can do is give your Shopify customer service team access to your store by creating Shopify staff accounts. This access will still give you, the owner, security to sensitive details while giving the team only the appropriate permission to reach out and connect to your customers. The next for you to do will be to document your operating procedures. During the training sessions, open a document, and introduce the necessary process to finalize your store’s essential functions and mechanics.

Ensure that you can remind your customer service team of the procedural system from time to time. Make these mechanics and procedures accessible for them through a document. The documentation will serve as a guide that they can use to learn how to interact with your customers. Also, give your team access to your social media platforms to answer comments and private messages.


Customer Service Tasks You Can Outsource

The Shopify customer service tasks you have to work on every day improve sales and customer satisfaction. As the owner, you will not have enough time to do it yourself, nor do you have the proper training or expertise. When you finally considered outsourcing your Shopify customer service, you can check out this handful of tasks that third-party companies can assist you with accomplishing customer satisfaction:


1) Customer Reviews

Social media is the most accessible avenue for your customers to leave comments about your product and their experiences with your services. Positive reviews can be an excellent press to invite more potential customers. However, look out for unsatisfied customers. They speak out more than those happy with your services, and a bad review can instantly change your credibility.

Your customer service team should understand that negative comments are inevitable, and this will give you the room to grow. Your team will respond to these comments for you effectively and may have the chance to turn the tables once again.


2) Canceled Orders, Returns, and Refunds

Now and then, your team will have to deal with refunds and returns, which is inevitable in business. Doing these tasks can be time-consuming if you already have enough on your plate. You can count on Shopify customer service personnel to assist you with customers and respond to complaints. It is their job to handle these matters calmly and effectively.


3) Email Management

Answering emails takes a lot of time. Emails, both personal and business-related, can keep you from doing productive work. When you are overwhelmed with many emails, it can be difficult to differentiate which ones are urgent and wait. If you’re preoccupied with other matters, you are at risk of missing out on distress customers who can leave a bad review at any minute.

A customer service team assigned to email management can efficiently answer emails related to returns, billings, and complaints, which can buy you some time to respond to emails as soon as possible.

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