Outbound Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Loan Funders

Outbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing

arketing has assumed so many new dimensions that it can be easy for business owners to lose track of the most effective strategies. The problem is intensified in the mortgage lending industry. Why?Because most marketing theories and strategies are portrayed in a complicated manner. Yet, are effective marketing strategies in mortgage lending as difficult as they seem to be?

Not really.

In this post, we’ll focus on different ways of outbound marketing which, when implemented in an articulate manner could benefit mortgage loan funders, brokers, mortgage lenders and even loan originators. Each one of these will find something really fruitful in this post that outlines the key marketing methods.

Before proceeding with the key steps which might revolutionize your marketing success so far, an important point to be mentioned is that not everyone can enjoy an overnight success. Mostly, the top marketing strategies requires time for execution.Sometimes, the strategies may need even more than a year for fruitful execution and losing patience and quitting on the marketing ideas will turn out to be a big mistake.

So, be patient and confident and then implement some tried and tested outbound marketing strategies that are sure to reap in good dividends.

1. Work On the Email Newsletter

Have you ever met anyone who likes junk mail? Imagine being in the middle of a meeting and finding a notification for a new mail only to find it to be a promotional newsletter that doesn’t really serves your need. This is exactly the kind of situation that you should avoid and subjecting your clients to the same issue is a sure way to irritate them. Inbound Marketing


Mostly, the people who have signed up for your newsletter are the ones who have already availed your services at least once and they are aware of the services you offer. This is the reason you need to walk the extra mile for the sake of coming up with the kind of newsletter which your clients will love to read rather than forced to delete.

Tell them about something radically impressive in your field of trade and something that will truly captivate their interest. Talk about the top stories like how a student paid off his college loans because of his financial smartness or even the easy steps to setting Roth IRA and more. The internet has a huge list of resources which can help you come up with killer topics which would make a great newsletter!

2. Build An Active Community

Networking holds the key and can really break or make a business. You need to work on the community relationships which you must build.Charity is one of the best ways of connecting with your community. Make sure to talk about the upcoming charity event in your monthly newsletter. When you are looking to build a social media presence, talk about any exciting offers. Try and go a bit beyond your line of business. If you have recently been at a great restaurant, link them up in your post and give a shout out to them. Talk about what clicks and what doesn’t. This might give you a lot more exposure and sometimes helping a fellow firm who is not a competitor can end up creating great business relationships.
Social media is very vast and the more you explore, the more remains. It is not going to be something which you will become proficient in a matter of a few weeks. The growth will be gradual and you need to always build your network. Connect with as many people as you can and soon enough, you will find a strong and active community backing you up.

3. Blogging Sells Really Well

Those who are on the lookout for more traffic on their website need to start extracting the most out of their blogs. Blogs have a lot of versatility to offer in the sense that you can reuse the blog posts on your social media and the same content could help you generate traffic at multiple sources. Doesn’t this seem to be a win-win situation for you?

Some people find it hard to come up with engaging blog post ideas and titles and if you too are stuck in the same problem, the internet is your best friend. There is no dearth of knowledge and information on any topic. Alternately, think of all possible questions which your clients ask you and you can have an elaborate blog post on each of them. This will not only help you create great posts, but it also creates killing impression on your clients when they see the kind of depth your business has.

4. Catchy Videos That Really Make a Point

If you thought blogging is cool, you need to know that vlogging (video blogging) is cooler. There are too many vlogs that have come up because videos are a lot more personalized and interactive way of getting your ideas across. You can also have weekly chat sessions with your customers and solve their doubts,queries oranswer their requests.Upload this chat session on your vlog and stand out from your competitors. Have your own YouTube channel and use these videos to fetch a whole stream of new traffic.

5. Automating the Social Media

Inbound Marketing

Handling Social media could be a herculean task especially for those who are either too busy or too lazy. There are companies that swing between two extremes as they may either post too much or nothing at all. This is a flawed strategy and such business owners could make use of automated tools.

Schedule your post or use tools which would push your posts live at regular time intervals. Regardless of the method you choose, the idea is to constantly offer something to your social media followers. If you stay dormant for too long, you are likely to lose a great deal of followers.

These are 5 of the top marketing strategies, which can truly revolutionize the way your marketing strategies have been working.Implement them and then keep a regular record of the changes. The graph will surely depict positive changes and lead to better leads and conversion too.

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