7 Tips for Improving Inbound Call Center Performance

Automation of Routing Calls

Automation of Routing Calls

Customer service is more than just picking up a few phone calls to answer people’s questions. It’s all about delivering awesome customer experience — a task where the focus is completely and most of the time, solely, on the customer. Over the years of operation, we’ve gathered a couple of tips that everyone ought to know when improving inbound call center performance.

#1 Use IVR options to segment customers

You certainly can improve the routing of your IVR options to match the right customer to the proper agent. Doing this results in improved customer satisfaction. 

Customers end up communicating and explaining their problems to an agent that knows what they’re talking about, leading to faster solutions. And upon knowing that they have provided the right kind of knowledge to customers and helped solve problems, this can also improve agent job satisfaction.

#2 Set your sights for achievement

There’s one sure-fire way to improving inbound call center performance. And that’s to focus on what’s important to your organization. That entails hitting targets, nurturing the environment for self-development, encouraging repeat behaviors, and mixing intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques. The goal is to motivate your representatives.

#3 Focus on business outcomes and empower your agents

The automation of routing calls to the right places is the norm. But is this same principle applied to the information that customer representatives need for resolving complex calls efficiently? 

The goal here is to ensure that agents have the right information at the right time. As a result, there’s a reduction on staff frustration and even better customer experience.

#4 Improve and build relationships

As the boss of the organization, make the point of identifying and getting to know key people who have responsibility for areas outside of control but have an impact on your ability to manage call centers effectively. 

It doesn’t have to be grandiose…

You don’t need to hold parties all the time for the sake of improving inbound call center performance. Simple chats over coffee cups and bubble tea can achieve more than a formal meeting. Work with these people to increase your own understanding of their impact on the team, and get to know what’s motivating them.

Strong relationships give you influence. And in turn, influence gives you the power to change and increase your ability to achieve business objectives.

#5 Recheck your Key Performance Metrics

Take the time to re-examine the key performance metrics that are used to judge the performance of the contact center. Be one of the smarter companies and measure outcomes like customer satisfaction levels, new business sales, net promoter scores, and the life-time value of customers. This lets you strike a balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

#6 Look into flexible working options in success

If you’ve been established for a long time, look into the possibility of homeworking. It can lower costs, enhance employee morale, and even improve service quality. But the downside is that it can create major motivational communications and managerial issues.

At the heart of every successful home working project, there is systematic planning, clear execution, and consistent plus transparent communication. For that to work, make sure there are precise goals for employees and managers. Also, clearly communicate what kind of tasks employees need to perform.

#7 Share best business practices

Whenever good calls are identified, hold a group session to let every member of the team listen to it. This reinforces good behavior in that individual and push agents to improve their performance in a similar way. Judge its strengths and weaknesses based on agreed criteria to determine whether it was a good call themselves.

Customer Experience: Improving Inbound Call Center Performance

These tips for improving inbound call center performance is just the beginning. It begins with providing agents with proper training before campaigns go live, and rewarding top performers in order to set an example or a benchmark. And at the very core of it all, what companies need to do is hire the right call center from the get go.

For this reason, hiring the right inbound call center is essential. Let’s all get to work and make customers happy!

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