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By: Michael Murillo

The Pearl of the Orient (Philippines) wins praise when the Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE) declares that one of the brightest spots of the Philippines today is its outsourcing business. It is documented that the Philippines is a hub for outsorcing and gained the trusts of the customers not only from within the country but worldwide.


According to the Chairman and chief technology officer of Infoweapons Mr. Lawrence Hughes, time will come that the outsourcing market in the Philippines will lost its momentum. Its only temporary and will die down as years pass because of a very tough competition within its fellow Asian Nations; specifically China and India, the top outsourcing giants.

On the other hand, he added that industry in an another form could give the same or even brighter spot in the Orient’s Pearl. He mentioned, why did not the Filipinos give attention to the product-based companies which is more productive? There is a possibility that exporting Filipino-made products would be a great or even better source of revenue rather than outsourcing because of its tough competition today.

Giving an effective and convincing example is one way to win a debate or a simple conversation. Why not set his own company as an example? Infoweapons and other firms such as the Cebu IT firms gain praises both in and out of the country. As a matter of fact, Filipinos can produce high caliber, world class products. The US Department of Defence prove that right. Remember the Cebu Watershed? The Chairman of US Department of Defence once mentioned that the Watershed in Cebu is years ahead than other products of the same kind in the world market.


With the help of “Wise Outsourcing,” could you believe that companies can save for upto fifty percent on their operating costs? Yes it is possible, only, if you outsource wisely. Compared to the leading outsourcing country which is India, Outsourcing in the Philippines is definitely and evidently cheaper. Forget about high expenses on labor because outsourcing in Philippines (and in China) offers the cheapest but the most efficient labor. Dont problem your labor training costs because you will be assured to get professional human resources.

In order for the companies to survive in the competition at the corporate world, organizations and companies prefer to outsource because outsourcing is proven to cut costs for the company to stay alive and breathing. Thanks to Outsourcing.


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