A Little More Improvement to Be Number One

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By Chiena Bondoc

Being one of the best call center destinations in the globe, the Philippines consistently proves to be a good place with low cost call center outsourcing as it has received more recognition, subsequently following close behind India in the competition.

However, the Philippines has to make a lot of improvements in order to really tie up with India and be ahead of China, who is as well catching up in the outsourcing industry. The Philippines has to train more manpower in order to prepare the country for further advancement and strengthening of the call center industry. It has maintained its place as one of the best countries in IT and English proficiency for the past years. So, it should be able to maintain this standing. It should come up with other value-added services or market strategies, instead of focusing on how it can outsmart other countries in terms of low labor cost. It should as well try to aim new specialized services.

Though many infrastructures are already set up, the country needs to further heighten and uphold this in order to aid more business functions, especially in the prime areas of the business. In order to maintain this kind of stability in the industry, companies in the Philippines should open doors with each other. Instead of contending with one another, the country should widen its site for the world wide market. Just like what exactly one of their country’s senator proposed, they should clear up the incentives to further stimulate outsourcing companies who set their hopes in entering the call center industry.

Since some foreign companies still doesn’t see the Philippines as an attractive location, the country also has to promote itself more. The government also should stretch out its support in order to improve the economy and be less political in terms of helping not just the call center industry but other subsets of outsourcing within.

Finally, the Philippines should build more affinity with other countries. This is for them to score more clients. And primarily, they must work hard to keep the relationships it has already established before. With everything said here, all it has to maintain is the drive to bring the country to more advancement. And the important thing is that there is always a room for improvement.

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