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THE SUCCESSFUL FORMULA FOR A PROFITABLE OUTBOUND SALES CAMPAIGN A common question that many start-ups often ask is the ways by which they can handle B2B outbound sales. It isn’t the easiest of things to do because ideally there is no magic formula which could push your sales phenomenally. So, how do you really push […]

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Outbound Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Loan Funders

Outbound Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Loan Funders M arketing has assumed so many new dimensions that it can be easy for business owners to lose track of the most effective strategies. The problem is intensified in the mortgage lending industry. Why?Because most marketing theories and strategies are portrayed in a complicated manner. Yet, are effective […]

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Call Center Industry in the Philippines

Why choose to outsource to the Philippines? Call center service is a serious profession in the Philippines. Our agents are carefully screened and selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. Most of our agents have a college-level education, and are given further training in the art of sale negation and customer service. They […]

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Philippines in BPO Global Leadership: Why Not?

Who would ever thought that such a country which boasts of its wonderful natural resources would become a global leader in the current business trend today? Yes, it is true. Despite of its economic instability, the Philippines has opened its market for business process outsourcing and is now regarded as one of the two global […]

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Call Centers in the Philippines

By Steven Lambert “ The call centers in the Philippines can reply on a highly educated population, that are in big demand for skills across the globe. But the Philippine government has realized this and launched an education program to turn things around. The call center Industry in the Philippines drew up a Benchmarking Study, […]

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Call Centers in Philippines

Philippines – The archipelago. Population and culture- the fast developing outsourcing destination- Emerging call center industry- scope and potential-

The Republic of Philippines an archipelago in the south East Asia was a Spanish colony for more than three and a half centuries and thereafter an American colony for about 50 years. The country has 7000 and odd islands of which only 700 are inhabited. Philippines owe much to Spain and USA to its cultural bondage. The Europeans invaded the islands originally occupied by the locals and the Christianity became the major religion of the country. Though Spanish was the official language until the early seventies English took over the status during the rule by the USA and is presently taught as second language in schools.

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Philippines as a Haven for the Call Center Industry

BY: ALEXIS HOJILLA The Philippines is often reckoned as a global hotspot in terms of agriculture, with sheer numbers of flora and fauna exported around different countries around the globe. However, as the Information Age continues to evolve rapidly, the Philippines undergoes a transformation from being an agriculture-oriented country to a cyberPhilippines. It is at […]

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Philippines' Call Center Outsourcing: What Makes It Better Than the Rest?

By Chiena Bondoc What makes the Philippine call center outsourcing service better than the rest? This is the question that is clinging in the mind of most people who want an outsource service. And we will definitely help them out for them to answer their own question. Based on Wikipedia, being a former American colony, […]

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Call center standards in the Philippines . . . is it deteriorating?

By Roy Jonathan del Rosario “The difference between good, better and best is justified by the unlike quality and worthiness of the work done.” Philippines is known globally as one of the second largest-speaking nations in the world. Yes, you’ve heard it right, not the ‘only’ but ‘one of’. There is the strong contender for […]

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